Dead by Daylight buffs Dead Hard brings back the strongest Perk

A new patch Indead by Daylight finally brings back the Super Perk Boon: Circle of Healing and Fix, which has annoyed all players.

The Hour of the Witch patch in Dead by Daylight has been active for several days, but many of the features were disabled or simply did not work correctly. Now the developers have pushed a first hotfix. Although still not all cards are playable again, but at least the coast bugs are eliminated. In addition, the PERK Dead Hard has been significantly improved.

What is in the patch? The patch 5.3.1 is primarily a bugfix patch that should erase the sizes Patzer of 5.3.0 and the new surviving Mikaela Reid. After all, one of their three perks was disabled immediately, and several card offerings were blocked.

The New Infinite Dead Hard Build - Dead by Daylight

The most important improvements include:

The PERK Clairvoyance now also shows the aura of the hatch (Luke), if it already appeared.
The PERK Dead Hard now has a hit validation.
The pumpkins of the Halloween event are now reacting to players who have selected a challenge associated with it.

What else has been changed? Apart from the larger changes above, stuck over two dozen troubleshooting in the latest update. Here too the most important innovations:

The error with the endless charging screen, which leads to Disconnect after a few minutes, has been fixed.
Halloween pumpkins now turn to the player as planned.
The PERK Boon: Circle of Healing works correctly and does not cause any game crashes.
All totems unattainable for the killer can now be used by him to disable boon effects.
The PERK Power Struggle now works correctly again and should stun the killer reliable.

However, there is something that has been disabled again. The card Treatment Theater is completely deactivated. Here developers have apparently need to make even more changes.

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What was changed to Dead Hard? The PERK Dead Hard is a must for many good survivor players. Experienced players can activate this PERK to get immunity for a short time and to ignore a hit of the killer. This requires a lot of exercise and timing – and was barely possible.

So far, the use of Dead Hard was bound to the client of the killer. The survivor had to plan, when the killer strikes and then scheduled the latency of the killer to the server.

That s over now. In the future, the Hit Vallidation works, ie the calculation as to whether a hit of the killer would meet, sole over the server. This makes it easier to fit the time exactly and thus successfully avoid.