First Class Trouble PS Plus

As part of the recent state of play show, Sony has introduced a game called First Class Trouble. It can be played from the coming week on the platforms PS4 and PS5. And if you belong to the PS plus subscribers, you can bring the title without additional costs in your possessions. First Class Trouble is one of the PS plus games for November 2021.

It s about social deception

According to developers, First Class Trouble awaits you a party game around social deception. For you, this means that communication with other players is of high importance. At the same time, however, you can not trust anyone.

After starting a game, you randomly get one of two roles assigned: resident or personoid. The residents are human passengers and personoids are mechanically constructed assistants. However, their programming has been overwritten. In the different roles you also have different goals, what makes you a decision: work together or deceive?

gets into the heart of the alithea

For residents, the main goal is to turn off the malignant Ki in the heart of the Alithea. At C.A.i.n. Can be achieved, three key cards must be collected to get deeper into the ship. On the other hand, the main goal for personoids is to stop the residents at any price. This means that your lies, fooling and ultimately have to get rid of these annoying people.

Despite the many potential dangers in the game (and there is a lot of a lot), deception is probably the deadly gun that can be used in First Class Trouble. Who can you trust? Should you follow a player who asks your help with a cooperative task, or does he lead you in a trap?, Says the makers.

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Social-Deduction adventure confirmed with a trailer for the PS5

We can best master the title and enforce your goals, you will learn in a post on the official Playstation Blog. There is a list of valuable tips waiting for you. You can play First Class Trouble as mentioned about PS Plus from the coming week. Previously, a trailer shows what you expect with the title:

Watch trailer on YouTube

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