A cruel serial killer awaits us in the next Dark Pictures

This is not a scoop for those who finished House of Ashes, but Bandai Namco and Supermassive Games have just put online officially the first glimpse of the Dark Pictures, which was baptized The Devil in Me.

The theme of this final episode of Season 1 is structured around a serial killer particularly in love with his art, as we could see in many movies and series. One of those who feed until the last moment of fear, suffering and supplications of his victims, which he performs sophisticated. Not yet an exit window for this new title, but if SuperMassive Games holds its usual pace, we should be able to count on this new premium and family history in time for the next Halloween.

Bandai Namco shared these few lines about the scenario of this episode:

A group of documentary filmmakers receives a mysterious invitation to go to Murder Castle, a reconstruction of the hotel including Hh Holmes, considered the first serial killer in America, owned. They quickly discover that they are observed, and that the issue is much more important than a question of hearing. Enter the most bloody history of anthology, where each of your choices once again will live and will die. Look with Horror your unfortunate team become the prey of a twisted host that observes each of their movements.

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