Again crash How strong is Bayer Leverkusen really

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The gamble of the largest title opportunity at home against a second division is admitted for Bayer Leverkusen a brutal setback, as well as Jonathan Tah. The disappointment is obviously very big, very difficult to work with, said the defender, who afterwards no excuses for the failure of said seek wanted.

Thus, the national team was the lack of both injured center-forward Patrik Schick and Lucas Alario, do not apply. Although the lack of efficiency in the 1: 2 against KSC was central significance. Nevertheless emphasized Tah: The two have been missing us, of course, so had not so much to do but it was so that we did not manage it well in recent games, the situations to play right to the end, that we did not. were clear enough in the actions, not focused enough.

As in Cologne had Bayer numerous promising situations with a mixture of negligence and lack of concentration were left. It was not that it was not possible, said Tah for missed getting ahead despite the early counter-hit and the lack of own efficiency.

Tah takes Hradecky in protection: mistakes are each

Even the serious blunder by Lukas Hradecky before 1: 2, played as the goalkeeper Karlsruhe goal scorers Choi the ball into the feet, Tah did not want to be in focus. Especially not formulate any accusations. No, Luke has been in enough games that he is an extremely important player for us as a captain, as a leading player, said the 25-year-old, Error must each make.

What Bayer unfortunately took that night too literally. 1 also from any fine figure as Tah and his defense colleague Edmond Tapsoba the early 0 gave. And front versiebten Moussa Diaby, amines Adli and substitute Spanish U-17 national team Iker Bravo, who became as wild cards with 16 years and 287 days the youngest professional used the Leverkusen club history, the best chances.

Despite all the problems, however, Tah sees no parallel to the previous season, in which Bayer is a 1: 2 defeat to Bayern Munich on matchday 13, experienced a brutal crash. Whether he was sure that there would be no repeat of the story, Tah was asked. Definitely, said the defender, because we are not in the last year.

The game against Wolfsburg is enormously important.


Although the sense of achievement last stayed away, he sees no break in the game Werkself. It was clear that all the time it can not go so steeply, said the big man, stressed, however, we still have the same actions. If we take advantage of it looks the same as in the beginning of the season.

But that s the crucial question: How strong Bayer is really? Let the Werkself but even when on paper famous victories for example against Gladbach and Celtic Glasgow (each with 4: 0) in rows chances to and was in the starting phase of the season solely on the BVB for this negligence in the 3: punished 4 defeat.

Bayer gets the receipt for negligence in defense and attack

But now gets Bayer in every game, albeit with brutal severity, the receipt for the negligence in defensive as offensive. A situation that is dangerous as Tah white. An impression which is not allowed to settle. We need to shake off as quickly as possible. The next game is not far away. We have to draw our conclusions from the game. From the last games where we were not efficient, and against Wolfsburg bring home something better on the court.

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If this is unsuccessful as early as Saturday, threatening what Tah now may not yet recognize. The game against Wolfsburg That is enormously important above all things for our confidence we do not start talking about it, that we are in a hole -… Because I do not see the

Now, in the first difficult stage of the season, have to after the departure of the Bender brothers prove just the new leaders as Tah. Another setback against ailing wolves would otherwise have change the perspective of the defense chiefs significantly.