Assassin s Creed Infinity will change the full saga but it will not be a free play

Assassin s Creed Infinity revealed a few months ago as the future of Ubisoft s popular saga. Although there are still not many details, the idea is that it will be the epicenter of license content, adding diversity of options and proposals without having to be limited, for example, to a single thematic setting.

With this evolutionary premise, own games like Fortnite or Destiny, many users were thought that it could be a free-to-play and that each player would choose how to invest, either in the acquisition of new missions, suits and other extras.

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But Yves Guillemot, Mandamás de Ubisoft, has clarified the fact: it will not be free. He has said so in declarations to the Gamespot media when more information has been asked about it.

It s not going to be a free [game], Guillemot said. This game will have many narrative elements, it will be a very innovative game, but will have what the players already have in all the other games of Assassin s Creed, all the elements that love directly from the beginning. So it goes To be a great game. But with many elements that already exist in the games we publish in the past, says the manager.

Assassin s Creed Infinity is, at the moment, its name on the key and aims to be a massive online platform that evolves over time and that offer a faithful experience to the saga, but subject to change, to join the new trends.

Infinity will contain multiple scenarios with space to expand to others in the months and years after its debut, they say from Bloomberg after talking with internal sources of Ubisoft that they asked not to be identified to talk about a developing project that could cost them the position.