T1 Paker and 2 million viewers who had returned to the Ring Cup in two years

In two years, the power of T1 and Pakers, returning to the World Championship, the power of Pakers was awesome.

E-sports charts (ESPORTS Charts), which provide sports indicators, released a city hall (12th), the League of Legend> World Championship (League Cup).

The most prominent thing is the indicator of T1. The Japanese League Champion DFM and Group Stage s first matching T1 took a survival of more than 2.2 million top viewers. 2019 Rolled Cup 8 River G2 Gaming Gaming (currently, 212 million), as well as IG and FPX (209 million), more than the highest viewers of FPX (209 million). Considering that it was a group stage game, not a tournament, it is a result of a impressive number.

These reactions are also connected to T1 and Pakers who have returned to the rolled cup for a long time. T1 is a 2019 Rhode Cup, followed by a 2020 LCK Spring Champion, but it has been sluggish by the Summer Season. In other words, T1 corresponds to the 2-year return. Besides, T1 is a global popularity e-sports team that is loved by domestic as well as overseas. That s why I have been interested in the T1 and fans on the T1 and Pakker, which appeared in the rolled cup for a long time.

On the other hand, at the 2021 Rinding Cup Group Stage, which began on the 11th, LCK s solo was shining.

Congeria was a overwhelming game against FPX, which was exhibited by China (Legs of League of Legend> (LG) (LPL) 2 disades, and Zen and Hanwha Life E Sports will defeat the LPL LNG and European belonging Penta I informed it. T1 passed the play-in stage and was the first time after the priug was established, the Japanese DFM, which is the first Rinding Cup Group Stage, was released in 19 minutes 53 seconds.

The LCK teams start today (12 days), starting with eight o clock, T1 and EDG to the second day of group stage. 2021 The Rind Cup Group Stage will proceed to 18th and will be in the 8th tournament on the 12th. The long-awaited finals of the winning team will be held on November 6, the Icelandic Run Gart Mans.