It is not necessary a sequel to the eternal according to a Marvel producer

MING-NA WEN (PINYIN: WēN MING-NA; Born Upon November 20, 1963) is a Chinese-American actress. She is best understood for her duty by Dr. Jing-Mei Chen in the Urgencias series (from January 12, 1995 to December 9, 2004). As a voice starlet of her one of the most acknowledged duty of her is that of the protagonist of the Mulan film. Since 2013 until 2020 she carried out the duty of Melinda May in the Representatives of S.H.I.E. L.D., of the ABC chain. She is presently playing Fennec Shand in the Disney + The Mandalorian collection given that 2019.

After almost a year without premieres of the UCM, 2021 is plagued by new films of the Marvel cinematographic universe that this November 5 launches one of its most anticipated tapes, eternal, directed by the Óscar winner for Best Director Chloé Zhao.

And of course, as long as a Marvel movie premieres, the same doubt arises, when will the sequel to the same? We already know that

It s not something you have to do, Moore said in an interview with Toronto Sun in which he quickly confirmed that, just in case, there are already ideas for a possible sequel to eternal, Obviously, we have some Ideas from where we could go, but there is no written rule about what we have to do three films.

Even so this does not mean that there are no more movies that are born from the eternal, then, in theory, the character to which Kit Harington interprets, the black gentleman, will have much more tour in the future of the UCM, although neither the actor nor anyone in the study has not been pronounced in this regard.

Of course, these statements also cause Marvel to be sure in the event that the eternal do not make the box office that at first they would have estimated and so do not see forced to take the sequel ahead of what It might seem like a product that does not interest both the fans and, for example, a new film by Thor with Taika Waititi.

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But all These speculations will be resolved from next November 5 When the eternal begin to reach the cinema rooms around the world and it can be measured its reception in box office figures.