To date Overwhelmingly unpopular Efootball 2022 postponed with the defect correction update to November 5

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Konami Digital Entertainment announced that the basic play free football game EFOOTBALL 2022 will be implemented on November 5. This update was originally scheduled to be scheduled October 28th, and it was postponed to the early November. The version is that 0.9.1 is mainly based on the correction of the defect from the player. Details of the content will be released on the official site at the time of update delivery. Besides, in late October last month, the answer was also conducted to reflect the update after another after another. EFOOTBALL 2022, which is expected to improve, is distributed for PC (Steam / Microsoft Store) / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / PS5 / PS4. Delivery of iOS / Android version is also scheduled.