Eternals hHollywood Reporter been banned in Saudi Arabia Kuwait and Qatar

Eternals, the new movie of Marvel Studios, is about to reach the cinemHollywood Reporter of virtually everyone, since its premiere is scheduled for tomorrow, November 5, 2021. and We say in almost everyone because some territories have decided Do not premiere the new film by Chloé Zhao; This is the cHollywood Reportere of several countries of the Persian Gulf Hollywood Reporter Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar, which have been denied to releHollywood Reportere the tape by not being able to censor it. This is published by the Media The Hollywood Reporter, picking up testimonies that ensure that the presence of the Homosexual superhero of the UCM hHollywood Reporter not been well received by the centered authorities in these places.


Thus, the American Middle Ensures that Eternals planned its premiere in countries such Hollywood Reporter Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar on November 11, even though the censorship intended to act on the original film footage. When refusing Disney, Eternals hHollywood Reporter disappeared from web pages in these countries, although in others Hollywood Reporter Arab Emirates still remains Hollywood Reporter a next premiere.

‘Eternals’ Pulled From Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait For Showing Same-Sex Couple I THR News

And Hollywood Reporter they aim to the Hollywood Reporter sources belonging to a chain of cinemHollywood Reporter in the region, the censorship intended to veto the presence of scenes related to the Sexuality of PhHollywood Reportertos, the first UCM superhero openly Homosexua Interpreted by the actor Brian Tyree Henry. Recall that homosexuality is considered illegal in the Persian Gulf and censorship acts against any demonstration or reference towards the gay collective.

In the pHollywood Reportert, his director Cholé Zhao already expressed his intention to avoid any court or censorship in reference to the homosexuality of PhHollywood Reportertos, reaching an agreement with Disney and Marvel for Do not give in to any hint of censorship.