COD VANGUARD All campaign

With Call of Duty Vanguard, Activision s shooter series once returns to Second World War Setting and returns a solo campaign. In it, it slips into the role of multiple soldiers and soldiers who later join the eponymous Vanguard unit to stop the villain of the Game – Hinrich Friesinger.

The campaign runs usual linear and is always interrupted by rendered intermediate sequences. Overall, you attend several, very varied locations in different places in the world.

Caution: The names of missions in the following paragraph allow conclusions to the story. If you do not want to spoil possible surprises, so you should not read more.

Call of Duty Vanguard: The campaign missions at a glance

Overall, the Cod Vanguard campaign is divided into 9 chapter / missions. Below you will find all listed (missionary in brackets).

  1. Phoenix (Hamburg, Germany)
  2. Operation Tonga (London, England)
  3. Stalingrad (Stalingrad, Russia)

Call Of Duty Vanguard - All Nazi Bosses Deaths (COD Vanguard Campaign 2021)
4. The Battle of Midway ( about the Midway Islands, USA)
5. Numa Numa Path (Bougainville, Pacific Ocean)
6. Lady NightyAll (Stalingrad, Russia)
7. The rats of Tobruk (Tobruk, Libya)

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  1. The Battle of El Alamein (El Alamein, Egypt)
  2. The Fourth Reich (Berlin, Germany)

Time of the Vanguard campaign

In the tradition of the last COD parts, the playing time of the Vanguard campaign also falls relatively manageable. On the second of the total degrees of difficulty, some shooter-proven players look inwards after about five to six hours the credits.

Partly a much more careful approach is necessary on the higher levels of difficulty, which is why you can plan more playing time here.

Call of Duty Vanguard appears on 5 November 2021 for the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and the PC. Everything important to the release of the game you will find in our big review article.