EFOOTBALL 2022 Update Delivery Version 1 0 0 postponed to spring 2022 I need more time to meet expectations

Basic play is released on September 30 as a free title, and many defects were reported and STEAM is EFOOTBALL 2022 that has recorded the first place of Worst, but Konami Digital Entertainment We announced that the update delivery version 1.0.0 planned on November 11 will be postponed to the spring of 2022.

This work EFOOOTBALL 2022 has been promoted to make a basic play free delivery, stepwise, and continuous updates, and to make more customers to enjoy..

On November 11, 2021, we have worked on one of the stuffed products, in order to deliver updates including new modes to strengthen their own original team and to deliver updates including mobile terminals. In various parts, in order to deliver it with the quality of the customer s expectation, it will be judged that you need to get a further time, and this time we will postpone delivery rice field.

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Update Delivery With the postponement of Version 1.0.0, sales of Starter Pack Efootball 2022 Premium Player Pack, which sets the items that can be used in the game after updating, also has been discontinued. The reservation purchaser is that the reservation is canceled based on the refund procedure of each corresponding model.

In addition, delivery is started today on November 5th for version 0.9.1. Please check the update content or the currently confirmed problem at the official site.