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Call of Duty: Vanguard is the third game in the COD franchise that uses the slightly new blueprint function. This is mainly displayed when you play the multiplayer part of Vanguard. If you customize your equipment from a game, you may have encountered some weapons in your armory with rarity colors and strongly customized parts. Here is a guide that explains what you are and how you can acquire you.

What are blueprints in Call of Duty: Vanguard?

Blue pals in Call of Duty games are essentially modified versions of existing weapons in their arsenal. These are usually already provided with attachments so that certain parts do not have to be ground.

You can not use these parts on the same weapon if you decide against the blueprint variant. Remember before you do this. The chances are good that these blueprint weapons are better in many ways than the standard counterpart.

Suppose you want to increase the level of the MP-40. There is a shredder blower variant of the weapon with essays that they normally did not receive until they make significant progress with the weapon. With these attachments, you can use the Shredder MP-40 and level the weapon.

As soon as you have reached certain milestones to unlock the attachments of this weapon, you can then use these parts with other builds if you want this. It is more likely to accelerate the progress of a weapon if the serial variant does not meet.

How to use blueprints in Cod: Vanguard

To use blueprints in Vanguard, you must see if for the weapon you want to use, which are available. At the moment, not every weapon has a blueprint, as the game is brand new. You will find if a weapon has a blueprint when you select it in your Loadout and an additional tab appears with the inscription Weapon chamber or Load.

How To Equip Unlocked *Blueprints* in Call of Duty Vanguard - Cod Vanguard Tips & Tricks)
The following weapons are the only ones who currently have blueprints at the time of publication of this article. Here you will be listed and show how you can get it.

Storm rifle STG44

PREACHER: Task Force One Pack (Vanguard Ultimate Edition)
Warning Track: Black Ops: Cold War / War zone Season 6 Battle Pass Tier 64
Bomber threat:
RAT-A-TAT: Achieve Level 20 in the Vanguard beta (not available anymore)
Bone rattler: Black Ops: Cold War / War zone Season 6 Battle Pass Animal 24


Shredder: pre-order bonus

seen SMG

Wildwood: pre-order bonus

Type 100 SMG

Thunderhead: Task Force One Pack (Vanguard Ultimate Edition)

3-line rifle sniper

Snowstorm: Task Force One Pack (Vanguard Ultimate Edition)

M1 Grand sniper rifle

White Obsidian: Black Ops: Cold War / War zone Season 6 Battle Pass Animal 34
Heirloom: Black Ops: Cold War / War zone Season 6 Battle Pass Tier 72
Timeless Destroyer: Call of Duty Endowment Timeless Pack

1911 pistol

Explosion from the past: Call of Duty Endowment Timeless Pack

With regard to the actual use of blueprints for these weapons, you can immediately access it, even if you do not meet the level requirements. If you did not participate in the sixth season of War zone or Black Ops Cold, unfortunately you will miss some lead with your arsenal. Fortunately, the basic weapons and attachments of these blueprints can be purchased in the game.

Call of Duty: Vanguard is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S / X and PC via Battle.net. To see additional content to the game, click here.