Deflation Causes Amazon New World Solution Announcement

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Amazon Games MMORPG, which entered formal services at the end of September, has occurred a deflation that rises to a level that is unemployed, even if it is a new title that is more than a few months. The game commodity gold is not enough to supply than the demand, so that the user transactions are carried out with a product exchange that replaces the goods that is not gold, not the gold.

Therefore, Amazon Games took a measure to alleviate the deflation through existing patches, and we will solve the deflation based on additional patches in November. Concrete content was posted on the New World s official forum on the 4th (local standard).

Before starting a full-fledged story, the operator revealed the goals and gold supply / consumption of the economy in the New World game. In the case of New World, it is aiming to minimize external intervention and aims to go to the center of the player, and compared the gold supply / consumption, comparing the gold supply / consumption, the gold is more newly generated or supplied than the gold.

However, if you look at the residual gold status by level, it is enough to meet the residual gold status, and it is appropriate for the level of 40 to 35 levels and is appropriate for the level of 50, but it has been shown that the residual gold has been reduced since the 60 levels.

As a result, we have modified Both Staff bugs to open a Corrupted Breach, which can supply a lot of gold through the patch, and another gold receiver. In addition, the New World will give you a gold bonus in the first mission every day, and improves the UX (user experience) to make this part of this part, so it is not well known.

Here, the economic patches are conducted in November. First, if you die in PVP, the equipment durability is reduced by 10% to lower the repair cost, and the stats initialization costs are reduced by 60%. The housing also reduces the cost of cost by extending the taxation period from 5 to 7 days without tax impression.

In addition, the expeditions (expeditions, my dungeon) boss compensation starts from 25% to the final content, to increase the compensation per boss, lowering the cost of the tuning of and of the tuning of and of the tuning or of the tuning of the dungeon (Chisels). Finally, the repair kit, which is an item that repairs the equipment, is only costly for kit creation, and when the kit is used, it has been modified to correct the bug that is costly. Finally, the entire local trade (item transaction) is connected for the activation of the transaction in a small area.

Is New World Experiencing Deflation? What Can You Do About It?

The executor is not currently exceeding the gold consumption, but I confirmed that the residual gold is declining, and if the residual gold is close to minus, it would take additional measures. The goal is to keep the gold value and supply of gold at a reasonable level.