Open World Race Latest Production Forza Horizon 5 released Mexico of diverse landscapes in 1 5 times Map ratio

Playground Games is a video game growth studio based in Royal Lexington Spa in England and redeemed by Xbox Game Studios in 2018.

The Xbox Game Studios launched PLAYGROUND GAMES open world driving action series the latest work Fora Horizon 5.

From November 5th, Premium Add-on Bundle in the Premium Edition or Xbox Game Pass subscriber of this work is continued for the previous access, which was opened for the buyer, and in Japan from midnun basis on November 9 Standard / Deluxe Edition Purchaser and Xbox Game Pass played in Microsoft for subscribers.

Racing Simulation Fora Motorsport series spin-off, and the fifth Horizon series of different motifs is different for each year s Horizon series. Mexico is stage. In addition to the campaign aimed at the Horizon Festival, the other player who can play an activity in the Horizon Festival, which can also run with the familiar Dry Batter where friends and other players AI cars are also displayed during single play, bet on normal race and survival with other players Multiplayer such as battle royal and other matches, cooperation aiming to achieve the goal with multiple players, and multi-play, such as producing a matching course, continue to fulfill it. There are also fun to find a map and a car where you can get various benefits without racing. The models recorded are almost 500. The coloring design of the high degree of freedom is also alive, and can be handed over from the past series.

Compared with the previous work 4 that the UK was stage, the size of this open world map expands 1.5 times. It consists of 11 versatile biomes and can run various views. Also, the number of races also increases with the expansion of the map. Car upgrades are also increasing number of new parts, paints, and driver character customization factors. The specifications where the map season changes to the first week after one week has been introduced in the previous work, and the specifications that change the map of the map will continue. The actual Mexico s climate is hot, and it was hot in summer, and there are many storms, and in the fall, it was a dry season where rain was hardly falling in winter, and it became a dry season where it was hard to rain, Sandstorm, snowstorm, and storm. Expression is done.

XBOX version hard / setting behavior specification

Xbox Series X

Quality: 4K 30FPS

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Performance: 4K 60 fps

Xbox Series S

Quality: 1440P 30FPS

Performance: 1080P 60FPS

Forza Horizon 5 Review

Xbox One

Xbox One X: 4K 30FPS

Xbox One S: 1080P 30FPS

Xbox One: 1080P 30FPS

PC version support handle controller

LOGITECH : Driving Force, G25, G27, G29, G920, G923ps, G923XB, MEMO

Thrust Master : Ferrari 458, T150 RS, T300 RS, T500 RS, TMX, T-GT, TSX, TX, TS-PC

FANATIC : V1, V2, V2.5, CSL, CSL DD, DD1, DD2, Universal Hub Device

Corresponds to cross play on all platforms. Corresponds to cross save between Microsoft Store PC and Xbox. Even PC versions including Steam are supported by Tactile feedback of Xbox wireless controller, and ultra-wide resolution display can continue.

A series fan long-awaited Fora Horizon 5 where more than one million people have already been played at the previous access stage before the official release, PC (Steam / Microsoft Store) / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox Target ONE, Standard Edition is 7,590 yen, Deluxe Edition 9,680 yen, premium edition released for 11,880 yen.
The STEAM version seems to be the start of delivery at around 14:00 November 9th. This time, the release of two large expansion packs will be released after the main story is released. In addition, it corresponds to the first date of the release on Xbox Game Pass. For PCs are also being implemented for the first three months 100 yen campaign.