The Dune sequel will start filming in mid 2022

In case you were not aware, last week Legendary Pictures made the sequel of Dune official, which will be premiered by October 20, 2023. With the pandemic it is a bit difficult to make plans For the filming of many films, however, one of its producers confirmed the exact date that this second part will start its production.

According to Josh Engines, journalist for The Film Stage, one of the producers of the feature film revealed that it will be July 18, 2022 when the shootings for the sequel of DUNE This information obtained her after having assisted a special projection of the film, which also included a question and answer session.

Dune gathered about $41 million during its first weekend in theaters around the world, thus establishing a new record for Warner Bros. As for premieres in pandemic. It is also worth considering that Dune was simultaneously launched at HBO Max at no additional cost. To date, Dune registered about $84 million in the home box office, and $246 thousand 500 million at the international box office.

DUNE Part 2 Confirmed & Release Date Announced!!!
Editor s Note: All of us who saw Dune know that this film was always destined to have more than one part. There are still many outstanding questions, as well as if we consider the success that the tape had at the box office, it is easy to assume that its producers would like to start as soon as possible with their sequel.