Giant Xbox success before release New game nearly a million cracks Player

This is a listing of Xbox One games presently intended or launched either nugget at retail or using download.

At Xbox there is reason for the jubilation — the freshly published Fora Horizon 5 can make a huge mass in players right at the beginning and knacks almost the one million brands. And even before the official release date. Why that is, let s look at each other now.

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New racing game of Xbox is complete success

The racing game Fora Horizons 5 from Xbox Game Studios and Playground Games celebrated his official release at 09 . November 2021. But before this, the internal statistics of the Games show a considerable player. With around 800,000 active players in the Opera World Racer already enters the post (source: NGC).

With the 99.99 euros expensive premium edition PC and Xbox players had the opportunity to access early access of the game — and they have apparently done in droves. There were apparently many ready to grab something deeper into the pockets.

You also want to turn your laps in the racing game? Then you can secure the premium edition of Fora Horizon 5 in the Xbox Store:

Fora Horizon 5 at Xbox

Have you already seen the trailer for Fora Horizon 5? If not, you can do that with this video :

Excellent metacritic reviews and steam top sellers

The reason for the mass early start in Fora Horizon 5 is likely to be attributable to the extremely positive reviews on Metacritic and Co. Among all games releases for this year, the racing game of Xbox occupies the 6th place with a rating of 91.

If you look at the places in front of Fora Horizon 5, you can only see releases for new platforms, no initial publications. This makes the racing game under the first-time new releases so far even the most successful game of the year.

The great success of Fora Horizon 5 is also noticeable in the sales of Steam. There, the racing game resides in the propellers for a long time and snaps the first place among the PC players on Steam.

These results are a phenomenal success for Xbox, because already now the racing game with the sales of premium editions has recruited sales between 36 million and 79 million US dollars. And even before the release.

If you expect all the owners of the standard edition and owners of the Xbox Game Passes with official release, all numbers are already over a million. At Steam, at least a high of 70,000 simultaneous players could be observed (Source: Steam DB).

Our colleagues of game tips are also very excited about Fora Horizon 5. Lest in Test, how the racing game of Xbox proposes in detail:


Fora Horizon 5: Arcade racing game with slope to perfection

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