The new world players fall quickly a month after the launch

Amazon Gaming (previously Amazon Game Studios) is an American video clip game company as well as department of the online selling business Amazon that primarily concentrates on releasing computer game developed within the company s growth divisions.

Amazon's New World Has Been Losing 135,000 Players A Week Since Launch | Paul Tassi | Forbes

Everything is wrong, it seems, for Amazon Game. It is not uncommon for the games do not know a significant gain of players, then disappear after the launch. Most people like to see how they love a game, and if it s not for them, so they give up. But the numbers are pretty revealing because 600,000 players abandoned the game Amazon, New World. This is a significant decrease in relation to its public outlet at the end of September, where the figures were about one million, beating the competition of Steam s favorites such as Data 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

But with the number of problems that players have encountered in the world of the game, it may not be so surprising. There were problems with graphics cards, no roadmap for the content, the impossibility of creating new characters if the server was already full, missing features, the impossibility of transferring regions… The list is long For the number of bugs and problems encountered by players everywhere in the New World.. It is not surprising that the Amazon game loses, on average, 100,000 players a week.

Creators, however, agree with the goal of encouraging players to stay and encourage comments. From today, November 10, players will be able to access the New World Test Kingdom. With this, players and fans will have access to unpublished features and additions to the game before it exit in the rest of the New World, and will provide comments in the form of encouragement or reporting of bugs or problems. This means that it is possible to encourage players to try weapons, combat situations, missions and special quests before they are introduced into the game, and let the developers work and what does not work. We do not know when what is published on the public test domain would go to the New World game itself, or if it would be a significant transfer or hotfix updates.

MMOs are always a work in progress, and it is possible that New World is found with more players with this possible attraction. However, some players may have been burned by experience and will not take what Amazon has to offer.

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