Ark Nights Tomorrow Tomoko period limited event crisis contract 5 operation code spectroscopy is being held At the same time there is also a video campaign to get the store card

Costar Co., Ltd. has been informed by the application game Ark Nights-Tomoko-Tomoko-Tomoko- for a limited-time event Crisis contract 5 operational code spectroscopy and the implementation of the video campaign.

Costar Co., Ltd., the application game Ark Nights-Tomorrow (hereinafter referred to as Ar knight) (hereinafter referred to as Ark Nights) increase.

Crisis Agreement 5 Operation Code Spectroscopy is being held!

This event is a goal that combines a crisis contract with various restriction effects and successfully strategy under a wide variety of circumstances. By combining contracts freely, you can challenge many times with different conditions for one stage. The point of capture is to choose a contract to suit your strength and play style.
Also, this event does not consume reason, so it can be challenged again and again during the period.
Let s challenge your own limit without fear of failure! Please check the game for details.

▼ Event holding period

Switching of the operation area is held at 4:00 in the morning.
Also, from 4:00 November 18 (Thursday), a new long-term crisis task and contract will be added in the normal operation area.

▼ Reward Receive Period
Special Exchange: November 11th, 2021 (Thu) 16: 00 to November 25 (Thu) 3:59
※ The permanent exchange office can exchange items even after the event ends. (Event items can not be obtained after the event is completed.)

▼ Participation Condition
You can participate when you clear 2-10 incurable disease.
※ Dissolution does not rise with crisis contracts.
※ Stage clear and destruction in crisis contracts, etc., daily duties and weekly tasks.

Video Campaign Crisis Agreement 5 Operation Code Code Code Speech is being held!

Currently, a video campaign is being implemented according to the crisis contract 5 operation code spectroscopy.
During the period Rods Operation Information Office, Crisis Agreement 5 Code Code Code Spectroscopy Capture Videos Capture Videos and Recommended A Store Card to a total of 20 people by lottery I will give you a present.
We look forward to your participation. Please check the official site for details.

※ If you would like to participate in this campaign, be sure to read and pay attention to the participation method and the notes listed in the official site (https://www.arknights.jp/), and apply after the agreement Thank you for your help.

▼ How to participate in campaign
· Video recommendation department
November 11, 2012 (Thu) After the event of the event, November 29 (Mon) 11:59 recommends the capture video of [Crisis Agreement 5 operation code spectroscopy ] in the post form.

· Video submission
November 11th (Thu) 11:59 after the event of the event (Monday) 11:59 [Crisis Contract 5 Strategy Code Spain ] Recommendation of the capture videos of the Videos.
※ It is also subject to other recommendations, self-default.

▼ Posted site

▼ Present contents
· Recommendation award (10 people)… Store card 5,000 yen
· Video Post Award (10 people)… Store Card 10,000 yen + 10 Scout tickets (1 sheet)
※ You can choose any of the App Store & iTunes Gift Cards, Google Play Gift Cards.

▼ Campaign period
November 11, 2021 (Thu) After event holding-November 29 (Mon) 11:59

Event Scout Allied Strategy is being held!

Operator ★ 6 Thorns, ★ 6 Nightingale, ★ 6 Wide, etc. can be scouted in the event scout Allied operation !
In this scout, ★ 6 operators, ★ 5 operators can only scout the operators described below.
Please check this opportunity because it is a chance to adopt a reliable operator.

▼ Scout Candidate (★ 6, ★ 5 Operators)
★ 6 Thorns
★ 6 Nightingale
★ 6 Finland
★ 6 Wide
★ 5 Near
★ 5 Andriana
★ 5 silence
★ 5 France
★ 5 delirium
★ 5 Leonard

▼ Holding period
November 11, 2021 (Thu) 16: 00 to November 25 (Thu) 3:59
※ This event scout is [Standard Scout].

Code series Rodoskitching reprinted in stock!

Popular brand Rhodoskitching reprinted in the purchasing department.
Please check this opportunity.

▼ Contents of sales
Katsuki Ice Magellan dedicated code
Taste of the book China dedicated code
Honey Hunter Bee Hunter Only Code

▼ Sales period
November 11, 2021 (Thu) 16: 00 to November 25 (Thu) 3:59
※ It may also be re-appeared after the end of the period. At that time, the method of obtaining may be different

Propercenture, SOC Search All Stage Open!

During the period, Protection Procurement and SOC Search stage will be held regardless of the day of the week.

▼ Holding period
November 11, 2021 (Thu) 16: 00 to November 25 (Thu) 3:59
※ The Protection Procurement stage is open to 0-10, and SOC Search stage clear 1-10 Residue.

Ark Nights-Tomorrow

The influence of the mysterious ore sources (prior) brought by natural disasters has caused the disease to be ore disease in various parts of the world. A full-scale tower defense game depicting a battle over the specific constituents who appeared. The characters by beautiful illustrations and luxurious voice actors are colored with beautiful illustrations and luxurious voice actors.

Ark Nights-Tomorrow Promotion Movie



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