The evolution of the table top gameplay with actual wars and SFs is Steam Digital Tabletop Fest 2021 Panel Discussion Report

Game of Thrones (English for Game of Throne, frequently abbreviated with Got) is an American dream TV collection of David Benioff and D. B. Weiss for the United States cord end HBO. The doubters praised and readily successful series is based upon the Roman collection A Tune of Ice and Fire ( The Tune of Ice as well as Fire ) of the United States author George R. R. Martin, which initially also took part in the series. However, the later periods constantly depart from the publication layout.
The plot is situated in a make believe world as well as plays on the continents Westeros and also ESSS. The seven kingdoms of Westeros look like the European Center Ages and are protected by a big wall surface of ice from an area of everlasting winter months in the north. Springtime, summer, autumn as well as wintertime can last several years or even decades, their length varies and unforeseeable. The story begins at the end of a long summer as well as is very first informed in 3 activities greatly parallel. In between the mighty nobility houses of the empire, stress develop, which at some point result in open throne fight. The wintertime is going across, and it is characterized in the much north of Westeros, where the evening watch at the wall is to secure the kingdoms, a risk of a complete stranger off. In ESSS, Deanery s Targaryen strives as heiress of Westeros s royal family members ago to reach power again.
The intricate act includes many numbers and also discussions, amongst other points, national politics and power struggles, social problems, wars as well as faiths. Numerous personalities have distinguished moral facets; Also, specific protagonists come by the program of the series.
The initial broadcast was performed on April 17, 2011, at HBO, complied with by the German-speaking preliminary program on 2 November 2011.

On the whole, the series contains eight seasons, with the first six seasons each of 10, the 7th period of 7 as well as the 8th season being composed of 6 episodes. The last episode of the 8th period and also hence the entire series was stressed on 19 May 2019 in the United States and also on 20 May 2019 in Germany.

Event Steam Digital Tabletop Fest | RPG Edition 2021 was held at the game delivery platform Steam, from October 21 to 25 days. During the period, developers have also performed panel discussions with the new game real-time delivery. This time, from the inside of it, we picked up From Chess To Dragons-The Evolution of GamePlay and discuss the way of developing game design from the origin of war game.


Wheels / Table Game Information Site Icebreaker



Lynne Hardy / Chromium

Phil Haskell / Rip stone ( Chess Ultra )

JON PETERSON / Game History Researcher

War game origin to D & D: Actual war enters the game

The beginning of the discussion started with the commentary of the genealogy from Peterson to Dungeon & Dragons. It goes back to the beginning of the genre called War game.

WHEELS War Game s elder is LITTLE WARS by SF writer H.G. Wells?

Jon is strong. The war game derived from the chess itself is from the late 18th century, and the writer s Robert Lewis Stevenson has written that he played a game with his nephew and miniature in 1880.
Little Wars is the first to say that it is a commercially available war game. A rule of the battlefield was defined using a miniature soldier.
(Reference: Little Wars: A game for boys from Twelve Years of Age to One Hundred and Fifty and For That More Intelligent Sort of Girls WHO LIKE BOYS Games and Books )
It was the chain mail of Gary Guyana (D & D co-proponent) that introduced fantasy battle in a commercial market (a chain mail of D & D) (1971, fantasy is included as supplement). There is a framework for a match, defining how dragons, oaks and magician magic are simulated. This will shock to Dave Arson (D & D co-proponent) and lead to Black Moore production.

What is the difference between TIM Guitar previously and after ? Wells used a die?

Jon No, Little Wars was actually launched with a bullet to miniature. If the soldier falls down, it is destroyed. In a close-end battle, soldiers were offset and decided by the number of superiority and inferiority. The purpose of Wells was to teach what happens in World War. Of course, he is a peaceful orthogonal, and in view of 1913.
Apart from this, the dice itself is from the 18th century differentiated from the chess, and in Germany, we have created a simulation model using dice in the 19th century. The most famous is Charles A.L. Totten s Strategy, but it is in the 1960s and 70s that it comes into a commercial game.

PHIL The fact that the actual war affects the nature of the game, after World War II, people started to flow to flow on the chessboard. Although the chess was not only important, the war went into the rules and tactics (Cold War, and the US Sometimes conflicts also span the outcome of the chess). It is interesting to actually launch the bullet, it s embarrassing if it is lost (laughs)

What appears as a game subject is from the war simulation, and shifts to fantasy novels after Chain Mail. It seems that the ring story boom after War was also quite large.

JON Tour kin is not only, but the Hobbit (Halfling, Hobbits in the First Edition) was brought from the Ring Story as it is, and it was introduced as a paperback book in 1966, and the NY Best Seller It was a monumental event that was popular in the United States. It is natural to think that it will happen if you put out dwarves and elves in Chain Mail.
Besides, Paul Austen s broken demons and boys era loves various fantasy novels, and the elements of many writers such as Fritz River are captured in works. Two years after the D & D publication, he jointly produces Resumed jointly with the writer. It is star writer who got on the wave where Tor kin has attracted Tolkien, such as Michael MuckRock and Jack Vance. It is not only the Cochin.

Trout s call of Trout, a flagship of Wheelschaosium, is also from Love Craft. What is the impact of fantasy and SF in the current work?

Lynne is a lot. The interesting thing is that people who are interested in Trout s Call are reverse flow to the Lovecraft novel. MODIFIES s DUNE and Hero Conan, Michael Muskox s Storm Linger of Michael MuckRock, and the works that are the subjects that were originally the Jack Vans Disuse Earth in the end of the end of the period Is closely involved. If there is no relationship with fiction, the game could not have a rich variation as it is.

Wheels On the other hand, classical games like chess are not theme and continue their unique progress as a pure game.

Phil I have no time to here. Ultra Chess is purely chess and there is no place to change anything. I have a certain beauty. Of course the appearance is, but it is also a strategy, and also game sex. You will see if you watch Queen s Gambit. Even beginners who receive the tutorial, everyone knows who is the pawn and how to move the piece. It is a small number to Unperson, but Let s do a chess for the time being. It is wonderful that it continues to be simple and the king of the game.

In contrast to abstract games that have been sluggish only function, the table-top games will connect visual surfaces with game sex. The rule book and the bundled object will change more luxuriously to increase the sense of immersion of the role-playing.

Lynne The game has changed significantly in about 50 years. The artist belonging to the company is limited, so it may not catch up. Nevertheless, the Visual surface is very important for Role-playing, and the player is looking for more beautifully fancy things. The hardware of the request is considerably high, but it is very difficult to balance and need the need to express what the player is envisioned.

Wheels theme depth is involved in all aspects such as the visual surface as well as the game mechanics. TIM has taken up Mid-Century s crime movie with Burgle Bros. but it is well. What was good and struggling that he was actually gaming?

I touched a lot of Mid-Century to decide the tone of the TIM game. It was hard to put together with nostalgia. It was fun to look back on the classic movie now. I made a different player of the player in the game appeared, but I have noticed it amongst them.
Even in the role-playing or video games, the player will play and play and play different from yourself with your normally. It is what do you want to do in that situation to be tried while replacing the role and repeating. Even in the film I like the scene to answer it yourself. I do not know if a different way or catharsis is provided.

What is the fact that the theme of Wheels is becoming emphasis on the transformation point in the game history?

Jon Avalon Hill War Games have been shipped with multiple scenarios and developed to add modules later. When modularity is provided between the system and stage setting, the obtained characteristics and the characteristics will come out.
In the 1980s, we prepare a large frame such as Basic Roll Playing (Basic System of Chromium), and make a rule book such as Citron s Movie from there and deep dig your world It is a way to do. As a result, the game market winner shifts from the root, and Gars also appears from the root. These game designs are made to spin the story you want to experience.

Lynne River of London RPG aims to strengthen the BRP base and make it easier for beginners to be familiar. We are destroyed to win a new player, and D & D in Europe and the United States has a width of D & D, and in Japan there is a clause that seems to be RPG = Cthulhu.

If the original game is arranged and the possibility of being able to derive variously, the fan community will actively make the house rule. As expressed in the word no one playing with D & D is not shown, the player is free to customize the rules and play.

Arrange and stolen border: Game designer is thief crazy ?

The following topics are about digital games and table-top involvement. Even in digitization like Ultra Chess, we have brought a major change to how to rewind and rewind game expansion.

The appearance of the Wheels deck construction type game was a big transformation in both the table-top and the digital, like Slay the Spine. How did you feel TIM experienced?

The good part of the Tim table-top industry is rich in public domain, and anyone is to be able to use them healthy. It was a revolutionary event in all relevant areas of all, Dominion in 2008. If SLAY THE SPIRE is only digital, I will start it on the table-top side, now I m starting Kickstarter of Paperback Adventure. Digital and real products have improved each other as the front and back of the coin.
Digital and real items have a big difference, and in the case of digital, the game process becomes black box, and the player can only verify the result. In the case of a real thing, the processing is player or game master, and you can see the process. The tabletop is interesting because everything has not been predicted depending on the combination, despite the fact that everything is in front of you.

It is clear that RPG is also involved in the Wheels video game system, and Balder s Gate is based on D & D, and recently DISCO ELYSIUM is a sense that DISCO ELYSIUM is playing exactly RPG. What do you think about what you affect those systems?

Lynne, I am making it while being influenced by various places. Game designers are like thief crazy ? (Laughs) I borrowed or stole ideas from various places, and of course the impact of video games is also big. I m looking at what you are doing with each other at the opportunity of crossing, and CHROMIUM is also involved in the official video game of Cthulhu s voice.

JONES ( D & D version is a pioneer in digital development with The Pool of Radiance. Published novels and comics based on D & D and is also a digital game. Even if the source is shared, we have different outputs for different target layers. It leads to the Balder s Gate later with the company s expansion strategy in the 1990s.
Another good example is the fourth edition of D & D. In the MMO following World of Warcraft or in the MMO, a clear role share of a tank, attacker and a healer was provided when a party was assembled. This is definitely the concept brought from RPG. Then, this time, Cooldown is introduced in the D & D fifth edition, which is the one that came into RPG from the video game.

Wheels Game Designer has been said to have a story of thief crazy, but what do you think about producing the game from the pop culture s favorite works?

TIM game design is the same as cooking, and it is okay to try new arrangements and combinations even if they are not game designers. If you want to eat something new taste, for example, peanut butter taste and chocolate taste, you should add it, honestly. Again, if it is a public domain or creative common s, it will be very sound and not to make a clone in video games by enhancing each other. At least in the world of Board Game Geek, Pastoral is rarely occurring.

JON Creative Commons and PROWS WITHER HOME, of course, the Game Mechanics is also a patent and copyright. Although a few lawsuits in computer games have occurred, there is an implicit consent from the 20th century that you can publish your own graphics and text. Especially in the coterie culture I studied, self-publishing amateurs designers are pouring their ideas there. If you re going to change the battle system, how to change it, etc., I saw the Guy Gas s Chain Mail as much as I saw. No one is Papyri, and it was a Creative Commons to share with everyone.

Even when the TIM D & D 3rd version (D20 system) was open, I was very surprised that a free creation was born like a mountain.

Wheel, D & D and Warhammer seem to be in the direction of protecting IP, but will not have the opportunity of natural evolution as before?

PHIL Game Designer is until you make more creation. It does not matter to be affected by existing things, but it will be obvious that it is obvious. Learn from there and change more, don t be able to do more. It is similar to the code in music, similar to the type of story in the film, and even if someone is similar if the game design is similar, it is said that it is a different game mechanics! Lol]

Lynne Open Games There are companies to license, and self-publishing is also possible if it is within the scope of that framework. It is also suitable for how to strengthen the brand by freeing to make it free.

It is also a fact that there are many caricatures, as there is a back face to the Wheel dice. You can see what is clearly imitating D & D fifth edition and 2D20 systems that are not open.

A lot of similar card games appeared when JON M: TG appeared. After all, whether new innovation occurs from there? It is not a form of official category, and what hit the hit will imitate. How to protect the IP is different from each company, so I can not say anything from me.

It was AR first about the tabletop game. The spread of Oculus Quest 2 seems to be interested, but it seems to be skeptical yet to leave the software.

TIM is interesting, but if you cover this Masked, it will be a mask slave. AI is a dungeon master and prepared to the line, and adventure to the AI ​​partner. I feel strange at the same time as new.

Lynne Indie Games If you look at it from the market, it is an interesting field. This technology can be broadened with the indication area and may later be pulled up to the mainstream.

Phil We are working on board games just. Board games may be worn, and when playing again, it will be stacked. When I was locked down and invited a person to the house after a long time, they were taught like a board or a piece, so I was hoped, and I was hoped. I think that I think that it is a good taste that it is troublesome to paint with chicks and markers, and those who play with media, and the rules that I thought that they were troublesome are troublesome.

It is a bit of courage for people who are not used to treating TIM games. When I was on Amazon, I was studying that, and I was trying to kiss the player to my smartphone. I feel like a flood that actually got into a flood, and I feel like I was returned to my childhood.

Looking back about discussion

Wheeling the game s genealogy with WHEEL World Span, but what did you think that the Milestone was in changing the flow of the table-top game?

Phil I think Warhammer and its battle rule appear. If you can afford, you will increase the number of miniatures, otherwise it will substitute with Era paper. I bought a rules book with friends, but I noticed that there was no miniature to play later.

Lynne is a change in publication format. It is the rapid spread of the self-publishing platform. If you have a gaming designer s threshold and even if you have an idea, you can distribute it to many buyers while staying at home with a large amount of investment.

Kickstarter is a big change. Until now, if I made a game, I went to the bank first, and I was making selling predictions, etc., but this is a considerable risk. How many people are now looking directly viewed and changed to the world s world.

JON I want to say D & D, but let s talk about Rice Viz here. He had two features that the current game, Creek sch Peel devised as a military exercise material in 1824. One is a neutral referee, and the player declares how to move the unit without moving the piece directly. The referee is a person with a long tactical strategy, which calculates and reports what results of the instructions. In addition to the exchange of this conversation, it is another one that incorporated randomness by dice. If the bow soldier and rifle are fired from long distance, the damage will be waved to the damaged table. These will be positioned as all origin.

Although it was a short time of 1 hour, the history of war simulation to fantasy and the game design was linked to the player. And, it is no exaggeration to say that video games and table-top are driving the development of play like both wheels, and RPG was indispensable to the video game RPG design. In Japan, the tabletop is a narrow market, but you may find a treasure that produces the next generation of play.

YouTube also publishes other panel discussions conducted in Digital Tabletop Fest, and there is also a meeting that has a sake theme, and a meeting of Arthur king myth. Please take a look at this.

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