Brady loses again

Buccaneers do not recover after a weak Brady start

In the past Regular Season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were unstoppable after their Bye-Week (Match Day 13), including the Super Bowl, had won all lots. This season, however, the Bus listed by Tom Brady in Washington (3: 6) were heavy — especially the seven-time NFL champion itself. Brady brought only two passports in players in the initial phase, two more arrived conversations mutated Meanwhile To interceptions. A real false start So, especially in the second quarter of Washington s playmaker Taylor Janice for 20 yards served his first Touchdown pass of the evening for Deandre Carter to 13: 0.

Brady would not be Brady if he would connect after a 0:13 or 6: 16 pause residue. And so the 44-year-old started in the third quarter with a TD passport on Cameron Rate for six yards (13:16). And also on the interim 13:23 of the US captains, TB12 promptly responded with a fine TD litter on Mike Evans (40 yards).

But more should no longer go for a total of non-very handy professionals from Tampa Bay, which thus dropped to 6: 3 in the balance sheet. Overall, it lacked rhythm, which was exploited by Washington s playmaker Taylor Janice (256 yards, a touchdown, no interception) with his colleagues freezing cold. Running Back Antonio Gibson made everything clearly to 29:19 with his second TD.

The Patriot fans have Mac Jones — and Meyers

One of the top duels of the early NFL Sunday games of Week 10 was the comparison between the New England Patriots and the Cleveland Browns — this was at the same time a journey into the past for Pats-Mastermind Bill Belching. The six-time Super Bowl winner coach had once again looked after Browns between 1991 and 1995 before he had come to New England to his success station. And the last time Cleveland had won an away game at the Patriots, was in 1992 — so as a Belching nor her head coach was (0: 6 was up-to-date the balance sheet).

Fast should be determined that on this match day a 0: 7 would become a 0: 7, because Browns launched into the new season (now 5: 5) had nothing to report in Forbore. After 60 minutes of football, the Pats celebrated a convenient 45: 7, especially they celebrated Mac Jones. The rookie quarterback, which has been the best impression of the best impression under all the new playmakers this season, advanced more and more for the strong long-term solution of New England. The 23-year-old brought 19 out of 23 passes for 198 yards and three touchdowns and could even be spared something. So Routine Brian Homer (36) came in and was still allowed to throw a TD pass for the fourth victory of the Patriots (6: 4).

Also, especially on this day: Wide Receiver Jacobi Meyers reached his first touchdown in the third NFL year and 39th game of his career. No passed before had used so long for his first score, Meyers had finally crashed more than 1500 Receiving Yards. His premiere was celebrated as well as quarterback Mac Jones extensively, the whole team celebrated that. It s great if you win so much, Hench also said the German Fullback Jakob Johnson at Prospered Max.

Scene Pittsburgh: drama, extension, rain — and more drama

Even without the short term with the Coronavirus Star Quarterback Big Ben Roethlisberger went the Pittsburgh Steelers as a clear favorite in the duel with the yet completely without a victory Detroit Lions. But the game should first go to the extension — and apparently no team wanted to win, so it came to a 16: 16 draw in the end.

Should not be satisfied with the draw against Detroit: Sellers coach Mike Tomlin. Getty Images

This was mainly because both Steel City (0: 8: 1) and Motor City (5: 3: 1) with sturdy mistakes did not heat up. Pittsburgh, For example, in person of playmaker Mason Rudolph (30/50 passports, 242 yards, a TD) was an interception and equal to three fumbles, two of which turned to Detroit. In the extremely rainy overtime, the Lions, for which Quarterback Jared Goff was beaten, and only 114 yards came (61 yards of it in conjunction with the German-American Monera St. Brown), then a Field Goal to victory. At the end, the first draw was this season and the certainty that Detroit can no longer stand with 0:17.

What else was going on?

Titans keep saints in chess — Bills drive blowout victory

The Tennessee Titans have prevailed against the non-listing New Orleans Saints (5: 4) with 23:21, which improved their own balance to 8: 2 and at the same time won in series for the sixth time. Man of the day was quarterback Ryan tanneries with 213 passing yards as well as a passing and a rushing touchdown. That was in the end too much forever concealed guests around Jameis-Winston representative Trevor Simian (298 yards, a TD, no int.) And Running Back Mark Ingram (a TD). What was also achieved: The Titans first became the second team of NFL history, which won against five play-off teams of the previous year (Bills, Chiefs, Colts, Rams, Saints). Previously, only the Philadelphia Eagles had made 2003.

Very little problems had the Buffalo Bills (6: 3), which won extremely clear at the New York Jets (2: 7) with 45:17. Next to four Rushing Touchdowns of four different players as well as a good idea of ​​playmaker Josh Allen (366 yards, two TDS, an int.), Above all, the help of Jets quarterback Mike White was crucial. The 26-year-old made four interceptions.

The Texan steam roll rolls over Atlanta

Buccaneers vs Washington: Tom Brady throws 2 INT, Bucs lose second straight game | CBS Sports HQ

That the Cowboys would go up to this match day on this match day, of which was to be assumed after the recent 16: 30 surprise against Denver. But with such a first half as now against the falcons was not too expected: Dallas disassembled the guest from Atlanta according to all the rules of art, led by the own offensive artist Needed Lamb and Ezekiel Elliott (two TDS each) suggests with 36: 3 Break. In addition, the defense succeeded for an overburdened attack of 4: 5 guests around Rademacher Matt Ryan (only 117 yards, no touchdown, two interceptions) as well as substitute Josh Roses (an interception) a blocked kick to the score.

Little surprisingly, the game after the pause tea became a manageable matter. After all: Cowboys quarterback DAK PRESCOTT (296 yards, two touchdowns, no interception) ran even to the 43: 3 final score, which improved the balance of 7: 2. In addition, the Texans recorded the first game with over 40 points since 2000.