Sophie 2 workshop announces a rapprochement with Tales of Arise

Goa Team took advantage of a long stream dedicated to workshop Sophie 2 to return in detail on the gameplay of this new workshop, strip-ad in support. In passing, the brings confirmed a future collaboration with Tales of Arise, a rapprochement with Banzai NAMC that will celebrate the respective 25 years of each of the two franchises through illustrations and other commemorative events.

Transported in a spatial flaw as she was leaving her friend Placate, heroin Sophie Neuenmuller will once again make her talents of alchemist be spoken alongside the Ramirez apprentice and Knight Die bold came to her rescue. This episode will insist on the change of weather conditions to punctuate the progression, since climatic conditions can be modified using Dreamscape stones scattered around the world. This will allow in other words to modify the surrounding environment, to dry for example a flooded area or freeze a forest, and discover new places of farm.

A way to vary shipments and possible collection places that make the whole principle of the series — and if they have the right tools, the characters will even engage in a mini-game to optimize the harvest. The joys of the fishing or joys of the sling, these mini-trials will take up there too. Waiting for the release of the game officially set on February 25, 2022 on Switch, PS4 and PC via Steam, players will remember that physical versions will be accompanied by a reversible jacket and a poster with an exclusive illustration of the artist NCO..

Japanese players will swell them under the collectors, including an Premium box at 11.935 yen (€91) that include download code for a new outfit, additional trails on CD, visual book and display in B3 format. Edition Special Collection Box at 23,100 yen (€177) contains all these bonuses, but also two transparent pockets, a clipboard with a height of 8 cm (it s important!) And a color-blind Game.

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