Jennifer Oneal Blizzard frame resigns invoking discrimination

Activision Blizzard simply can not pause, is not it? A few months ago, a Blizzard frame had to resign, largely thanks to the workout of the company. It looks like they thought a progressive direction would do them good, and they have appointed a new framework, gay and woman, who cared a lot about diversity and inclusion. And now, she too was chased.

You do not even need to guess why — unlike other cases where frames have separated amicably, Jennifer Oneal spoke: saying that she felt symbolized, marginalized and victim of discrimination During his stay at Activision Blizzard. Some incidents came to mind — one of which contained a big party (with the presence of the CEO of the company, Bobby Kick) which included a selection of strippers and a lot of alcohol, where the employees were Explicitly encouraged to drink more so men could have a better time.

ACTIVISION STOCK TUMBLES | Jen Oneal Out as Blizzard Co-Head (VL571)
In a report from the Journal Wall Street, Oneal felt a lack of confidence in the activism leadership to change things, and seeks another way to pursue diversity and inclusion in the game industry.

Needless to say, things only get worse for the more and more controversial game studio. The California state trial — you know, the event that triggered the whole problem and made public large-scale abuses — goes back to July this year. We are approaching the end of 2021, and if things always go so bad that even senior executives have the impression that the company can no longer be saved… Well, it s hard to see how Blizzard Activision solves things to leave this place. Maybe they could change things — after all, they have deep pockets and do not risk a financial collapse of so early. But that said, they could easily borrow a route inspired by Nestlé and continue despite the multiple moral controversies in progress.

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