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The sexism scandal to the video game studio Blizzard (WoW, Diablo, Overwatch) now also covers the publisher Activision (Call of Duty). The Wall Street Journal rises in a disclosure report serious allegations against the CEO Bobby Kick (58). He should have known in the company, but they have concealed the Board of evil operations. In addition, he once threatened an assistant to have her killed.

This is the situation :

Bobby Kotick & Activision Blizzard In HUGE TROUBLE. YET AGAIN.
In July 2021 a government agency charges against Activision Blizzard has raised: It was mainly about incidents of sexism in the studio Blizzard. There, a culture had as ruled in a fraternity that it had been drunk at work, women have been sexually harassed, kept small and poorly paid.
As a result, there was more and more allegations, had the president of Blizzard resign, a new management duo approached, we took steps to develop the company into a safe workplace. Among other things, dismissed 20 employees and introduced new tough rules.
The allegations were largely limited to Blizzard, it was only a little about the publishing arm of Activision and the studios working on Call of Duty. This has now changed.

Kick should have known of rape

Where are the charges? The Wall Street Journal has published a large report, which revolves mainly around the CEO of Activision Blizzard, Bobby Kick (58), but also a look behind the scenes throws (via WSJ),

The report is entitled: Activision CEO Bobby Kick knew for years about the allegations of sexual abuse in the video game giants.

Kick had renounced in consequence of the scandal in October 2021 a large part of his salary. Before he had, however, pocketed a huge bonus.

These are the allegations : According to the article, a lawyer of a former employee of Sledgehammer Games (Call of Duty) in an email to Bobby Kick in July 2018 had stated that his client was raped by her male superiors 2016 and 2017 after he brought her to drink too much alcohol in the office. To ve reported the employee to the HR department. It is but nothing happens. Now she threatened to sue.

Within months, the action was attributing out of court: Kick but the board concealed the allegations of rape. The Wall Street Journal refers to sources close to the Board.

It continues: Kick was aware of numerous allegations, the Board had not told everything.

Kick will behind controversial email stuck Townsend

When the indictment came sexism against Blizzard, Kick said to have then caused that the employee Fran Townsend rejects this complaint in an email to employees of Activision Blizzard brusquely. The Wall Street Journal says you have sources that prove this.

The Management Board was totally surprised by the lawsuit: Only after the indictment was learned, is that an employee of Activision Blizzard had killed after nude pictures circulated of her on a company party.

To ask the Executive Board Kick told, this culture is limited to Blizzard. The problems are now solved.

Kick should assistant in 2006 threatened to murder

The article in the Wall Street Journal, many more allegations against Kick follow:

Sun had an assistant complained in 2006, Kick would harass and had threatened her in a voice mail to let them kill. This was also out of court clarified, sources say.

A spokeswoman for Activision Blizzard commented on the incident: the have enclosed Kick 16 years ago, this was obviously excessive and unreasonable. He had deeply apologized for it.

We worked on Mango only a few days in detail with the situation by Blizzard:

share-price falls — employees threaten strike

So Activision Blizzard responds: In a statement to the economy page Bloomberg criticized one reporting by the Wall Street Journal. It is said that the report would important changes ignore (via Twitter). The company has responded to allegations of sexual misconduct and important changes initiated to Activision Blizzard to an inclusive workplace.

The report does not take into account that thousands of employees work hard every day to the values ​​of the company and their own to become just. Under the direction of Mr. Kick they had already achieved significant improvements and will continue to do so.

The video message text has now been published by Activision Blizzard (via Activision Blizzard).

So the stock market responds: The course of Activision Blizzard has dropped by 6%. Already after the shift from Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 he had dropped significantly.

The employees react: As the journalist Jason Schrader reports, you want to organize a strike at Activision Blizzard to accelerate the dismissal of Bobby Kick (via Twitter). Further, Schrader reports, this morning Activision has already released the people around the next week because of Thanksgiving, In addition, in a video to the employees, the article of Wall Street Journals had already criticized and Activision defended. That was what was about in Blizzard, could be seen when the new boss of Blizzard has already retired shortly after its promotion and left the company: Employee says: 2020 BLIZZARD 3 mighty women, all were 2021 away