Activision Blizzard shareholders say enough and ask for the march of Bobby Kotick and other executives

Not only the employees ask for the resignation of Robert Kick, CEO of Activision Blizzard, also makes an important group of shareholders of the company, which already considers proven the ineffectiveness of the Executive Veteran to address this situation.

The current leadership failed repeatedly in generating a safe shareholding place shareholders Unlike previous information from the company, [In this last publication] Bobby Kick was aware of the many sexual harassment incidents, sexual assault and gender discrimination in Activision Blizzard, ignoring that the executives and headers are dismissed, or did not recognize and addressed the systematic nature of the hostile culture of the workplace, says an Owner group of more than 4.8 million shares of the sector giant in a letter collected today by The Washington Post.

Those who claim the march of still today Executive Director of Activision Blizzard go further and ask for a complete renewal of the Company s Board of Directors. In this sense, this group of shareholders headed by SOC Investment Group Claims the Brian Kelly and Robert Morgan gears before the end of the year. What if they do not? In the chart shared by The Washington Post, the group ensures that will vote against the re-elective re-election in June, campaigning to get other shareholders to join their opposite verdict.


Activision needs a new CEO

The latest reports make it clear that the current leadership failed repeatedly on generating a safe workplace, a basic fusion of its roles, says SOC Executive Director, Dieter Waizenegger, in an interview with the US newspaper. Activision Blizzard needs a new executive director, a new President of the Board and a new main independent director with experience, talent and conviction to change the culture of the company, he adds.

In the information published by The Washington Post it is stated that several groups of shareholders have been decreasing their presence in Activision Blizzard since the accusations were broken against the company in summer, but together they still have enough force to demand changes in the governance of the Giant of the sector. Now he will have to wait if there is a new response from the board.

Although it does not seem that this movement will change a lot, at the moment. In this sense a few hours ago the board reaffirmed his support for Bobby Kick despite the protests of employees in the day yesterday and the cry against the figure of him. At this time of the afternoon, the company loses 3% in stock market, which adds 6.09% of yesterday.