A GTA Trilogy rain mod is currently in development following the collections release last week

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A GTA Trilogy rain mod is presently in advancement after many gamers complained about just how overbearing the rainfall remains in the remastered collection.

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Posted in the GTA Trilogy mods Subreddit, one individual — together also named GTATrilogyMods — shared a screenshot of a mod theyre presently functioning on which, according to the message, fixes the heavy, hard to translucent rainfall impact in the remastered collection.

As you can see from GTATrilogyMods post, the before display (on the left) features much extra evident rain result which is composed of a tonne of white lines that drop at an extremely fast lane down the display, which can be unbelievably sidetracking when playing the game. GTATrilogyMods version nonetheless is a lot more subtle and — although still visible — emits the exact same feeling of rainfall without having it distract the gamer.

Just a few days after the article was made on Reddit, the [SA: DE] Rain Deal With V1.1 mod was published and also became offered to download and install from GTATrilogyMods Patreon page. According to the mods designer, all they did was make the raindrops a lot more clear which has clearly made all the difference. The fodder has also said that this is just the start of their profession as a GTA Trilogy fodder with even more jobs in the pipe quickly.

Unfortunately, the GTA Trilogys launch hasnt been totally ordinary cruising. Firstly, the video game was relatively drew from the PSN Shop just a couple of hrs before launch after pre-orders began unlocking early. Not just this yet veteran followers have actually also voiced complaints concerning the quality of to remaster with a few of the games remastered character models looking totally different from their initial equivalents.

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