Bonucci meets twice the point Juve leaves Lazio

Already before the kick-up, the tears flowed: Cairo Immobile, who had risen to the sole top scorer of Radio two weeks ago, was affiliated with a choreography of the fans and was visibly stirred. However, the former Dortmund could not participate, as in the two countries in the past week, he was missing the team of ex-Juve-coach Maurizio Sari.

The old lady had to do without important colors, including Ayala — and after a quarter of an hour at Studio Olympic, Danilo, who had to be replaced injured.

ONUCI meets from the point

Not much had happened until that time, Radio had a little more possession, but mandatory actions were missing. A foul of Capaldi on Morita in the penalty area then called ONUCI on the plan, the Ayala from the point represented and safely met 1-0 for the Bianconeri (23rd).

Lazio 0-2 Juventus | A Bonucci brace wins it for Juve | Serie A 2021/22
This score remained until the break, since Radio has not played in the center — No means against the low-standing defense of the guests, and June did not want to go to a second goal against the low-standing defense of the guests and June did not want to go to a second goal. Only Morita (41st) still had a chance on the foot.

Ran to impetuous — stunning Radio series breaks

Radio also had more ball possession in the second passage, but knew nothing in mind. And if there were the rare switching moments, they were laughed lightly like Luis Alberto (60th). Sari had to react and brought with Muriel a large center tower (65th).

But that did not bring the desired success. Instead, Keeper Ran against Chaise caused another unnecessary penalty, which again converted ONUCI Cool (83.). Radio remained terrifyingly harmless over 90 minutes, which raised the almost a year built series from 19 unbeaten league games against the old lady. Juventus in turn brought cross-competition the third victory in series and thus closes on the BiancoCelesti.