Hitman 3 details his roadmap for 2022 The murders will include Ray Tracing on PC VR version and more

IO Interactive is that it is not for one of its last successes. Hitman 3 has not only given his community good reasons to return to Halloween, but also prepares for year 2022 with a roadmap that includes all kinds of news : from graphic improvements in PC And even surprise versions.

HITMAN 3 To Get The Ray Tracing Treatment. But At A Cost!

Hitman 3 will receive your version of VR and Elusive Target Arcade in January 2022 Beginning with the news related to Graphic Quality, IO Interactive has announced on its last video that PC players can enjoy ray tracing In your systems, something that has accompanied by a version of VR for computers that will see the light in January 2022. On the other hand, the first month of the year will also receive the Elusive Target Arcade, which has not been given more details apart from its launch at the beginning of 2022.

But IO Interactive has yet more news to show, so the Hitman 3 community will have to be attentive to the developers news to meet new maps, argument lines and up game modes they are in full development. Added to this, they are also assured Future surprises for delivery fans, so IO Interactive prepares a full year content for its Hitman 3.

And its not for less, because Io Interactive takes advantage of the video to thank a community that, uniting all the trilogy, has already exceeded the figure of 50 million players. A milestone that, with the success of the last Hitman 3, has led the developer to have the most profitable year of its history.

The three titles of Hitman have allowed us to explore our most analytical and murderous vein, but it seems that the protagonist will stop receiving orders for a time. After all, IO Interactive considers that the franchise needs a break and has already put the focus on new projects, something that has dropped with its Project 007 and even with a third game that we do not have many details.