LOL Zefa returns to DWG KIA to reinforce the technical body of 2022

DWG KIA, typically described as DAMON KIA (Korean: 담원 기아) and formerly referred to as DAMON Video gaming (abbr. DWG; Korean: 담원 게이밍), is a South Korean professional esports company. Its Organization of Legends team competes in the LACK, the high-level league for the video game in South Korea.
DWG won their first LACK title on 5 September 2020 after defeating DR in the 2020 LACK summer season finals. 8 weeks later on 31 October 2020, Damon won the 2020 Globe Champion after a leading go through the team and also knockout stages as well as a 3– 1 success over Tuning in the grand finals.

DK vs. T1 | Worlds Semifinals Day 1 | DWG KIA vs. T1 | Game 1 (2021)
DWG KIA is one of the squads that are in the process of renovation. Due to the theme of Kim Khan Dong-Ha with the South Korean military service, the 2021 World Subcampeón needs reinforcement. Added to the above, three of its key pieces entered into free agency and still do not sign renewal. This does not mean that everything is collapsing: there is also good news for those who supported the 2020 team.

Through a Facebook publication, DWG KIA confirmed its first signing for the 2022 season. It is not a superstar in one of the rails, rather it is an old member of the technical body. We talked about Lee Zeta Jae-won, South Korean Professional Educator who directed several teams at LACK. Within his history, we find Kingdom Monster, Africa Frees and T1. Although it’s relationship with Lee’s squad Faker Sang-Hyeok finished abruptly at the end of the summer split.

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Zeta was out of action after what happened with T1. The now former team came to Worlds 2021 with a technical body that managed to push the train to the semifinals of the competition. He played against DWG Kia, another old house of Zeta, who won him to play the grand final against Edward Gaming.

With the subcampeonate and the active signing market, the organization was done with the services of ZETA. Within the technical body is Yang Deny Darwin and Kim Coma Jong-un, with whom he already worked in 2019 when they directed the Super T1.

At the time of publishing the note, only Gang Ghost Yong-Jun is located in the titular form. DWG KIA also suffered some casualties on the coaches, taking a step on the side of Kim Ares Minion and Lee Kathmandu Jeong-Hyeon.

There are still a few weeks left to finish the signing market for the beginning of 2022. What it means, the Quintet of DWG KIA may be arriving. There were rumors of a renovation of Shoemaker and Kim Canyon Geon-bu next to a new lower lane. However, none of that is official.