Nambering sequel Men of War II announced for the first time in 13 years World War II Real Time Strategy

God of War II is a computer game of activity and also experiences established by Santa Monica Workshop and published by Sony Computer system Entertainment (SHE). Introduced for the very first time for the PlayStation console 2 On March 13, 2007, it is the 2nd installment of the GOD OF WAR series, the sixth chronologically as well as the sequel to God of War of 2005. The game is based on Greek and also set folklore In old Greece, with revenge as a central motive. The player’s character is the lead character Rates, the new God of war that killed the very first, Ares. Rates is betrayed by Zeus, the king of the Olympic gods, who removes him from the divinity of him as well as kills him. He dragged gradually to the abyss, he is saved by Titan Gaia, who tells him that he locates the sisters of destiny, as they can permit him to travel over time, stay clear of betraying him as well as from Zeus.
The gameplay resembles the previous delivery. It focuses on Combo-based combat that is achieved with the primary weapon of the player, the Arena swords, and also the additional tools acquired throughout the video game. It has fast occasion events that require gamers rapidly full several activities of the game controller to beat enemies and greatest employers. The player can use up to 4 magic assaults as well as a skill to boost power as different fight choices. The game additionally includes problems and platform elements. Contrasted to your precursor, God of War II presents boosted problems and four times extra employers.
God of War II has been acclaimed as one of the most effective video games of all time and one of the most effective sequela of video game ever before made, and also was the PlayStation year’s video game in the Golden Joystick Awards. In 2009, IGN included it as the 2nd ideal video game of PlayStation 2 of all time, and both IGN and also Game spot consider it the swan singing of the PlayStation Period 2. In 2012, the Intricate publication designated God of War II as the fourteenth ideal PlayStation 2 video game of all time. It was the very successful game in the UK throughout the week of its launch as well as marketed 4.24 million copies all over the world, ending up being the fourteenth video game of PlayStation 2 ideal marketing all time. God of War II, together with God of War, was remastered as well as released on November 17, 2009, as part of God of War: Collection for PlayStation 3. The remastered version was relaunched on August 28, 2012, as part of God of War Legend, likewise for PlayStation 3. In February 2013 a novelization of the game was published.

1C Entertainment and Best Way announced the MEN OF WAR II which is the latest production of the real-time strategy game series appeared in 2009. Since its debut, this work has created multiple expansion and spin-off works, but in Men of War II, it will return to the series roots and rebuild and redefine RTS gameplay.

In the game system, the Front Line, which is the basis of the exciting dynamic battle, and pushing forward with the front in each battle, DIRECT VISION which can be further observed and upgraded and repairing one unit, and in the series so far Two Story Campaigns (up to 5 online co-OP possible) and the series of online multiplayer in series are characterized in the two-story campaigns that were spotted in combat and scenarios that were not seen.

Introduced advanced AI to familiar real tom strategy gameplay

Direct historical accurate units with unique equipment, fight and destroy buildings. Environmentally changed with time, hiding place, we made an optimal strategy plan using a wide tactic, and eliminated enemies that improved powerful AI command. Using the Direct Control feature, you can manage any single unit on the field at any time, with equipment and vehicle changes, upgrades, and repairs. In addition to the old-fashioned combat system, let’s experience the power of the World War II series with the longest history throughout the new gameplay function.

Single player experience like movie

Through the two campaigns of the United States and Soviet Union, you will face the third empire and experience a magnificent story. From the first desperate and cruel battle of World War II, from the important victory to Berlin, the Soviet hills, villages, the village of the European, the ruins of the city, Marin.

Hat tower Multiplayer match and cooperative play

Experience the cooperative play with the largest multiplayer of the series. Choose your power and try to fight with other players, or fight advanced AI with other players. Realized out pounds and challenge maps are available, and you can make strategic strategies. Plan for attacks in cooperative play and win the fight with your friends.

Various historically accurate unit

Men of War II, such as a tank with a catastrophic destructive power, a model of armed and artificers that has been reproduced in reality, three powers, 45 squadrons, 300 vehicles, so far It has the most extensive and definitive second World War II, Vehicles, and Characters.

Amazing Graphic and Enchanting Sound Design

Experience the usual battlefield from a new perspective. All places are destroyable and realistic physics, and sound design with immersive sounds and reproduced. Men of War II can be used to get tactical superiority, such as bridges, rivers, buildings, forests, and an infinite strategic option is opened.

Complete MOD Support

You can create and share your own war scenario using special level design and MOD tool sets dedicated to Men of War II. Everything is up to you, such as creativity, vision, skills. Tactical potential is infinite.

Men of War II, which is the first number of 13 years, Men of War II will be released 2022 in STEAM and other stores for PC. Correspondence to Japanese is also included.

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