Kwon Soon seok on the top operating officer of LG Management Strategy and Management Support

Company titles or service titles are provided to firm as well as organization officials to show what duties and responsibilities they have in the company. Such titles are made use of by openly and also privately held for-profit companies. On top of that, many charitable organizations, instructional institutions, partnerships, as well as single proprietorship likewise provide business titles.

The LG CEO Won Bong-seat president was promoted to the vice president. LG was also established on the management strategy and management support sector, and has left his own president and president.

Six members, including LG, LG Sports, LG Management Development Agency, LG Yellow Cultural Foundation, and LG Yellow Cultural Foundation, were conducted by 2022 executives through the Board of Directors: 24th to 25th.

Through this officer, the LG CEO of LG CEO was promoted to the vice president of LG CEO on the LG Top Operation Officer (COO). We have announced an officer greeting for 21 people, including Vice Chairman Won, Bong-seok.

Vice Chairman Won, Bong-seok was evaluated as an LG Electronics CEO, and it was evaluated as achieving the maximum performance through improvement of choice, concentration, and business constitution. In the future, it will be the LG COO as a result of strengthening the future preparation for sustainable growth of LG Group.

Vice Chairman was graduating from LG (formerly, Gold) in 1987, graduating from Seoul National University (Bachelor of Technology), (Finland) Alto MBA (Finland). Since then, he has been acknowledging the ball that has been stably seated in the market of LG Synergy Team Leader, LG Electronics HE Business Market, 2014. At the end of 2019, he led the entire business to the LG Electronics’ leading executive officer.

LG will carry out the Temporary shareholders’ general meeting for the seniority of LG, director of Bong bong SUK, Won Bong — SUK, Jan. 7, next year.

If you are appointed as a company director in a temporary group, the procedure will proceed to discuss the senior issue of the representative director through the board of directors.

LG announced that it was newly established management support. The management support division is scheduled to play a role in the management strategies and management system of the management strategy and the management system that will be responsible for excavating future new businesses and investment in COO. Each affiliate plans to enhance support so that it can be more focused on customer value.

To this end, Hong Bumps, a project strategy team, a project strategy, a project strategy, and a current district vice president, and the president of the Hold Bum, who are the president of the Reunion (CFO), promoted the management support.

President Hair University was assessed that LG’s re-financial and risk management and process mystification were evaluated. In the future, the LG Management Support Sector is governed by reinforcement, legal, ESG, and public relations.

□ 2021

■ Vice Chairman Promotion

Won Bongos Vice Chairman COO [Current LG Electronics]

■ Probe promotion

Head Barring President CFO and Management Support

■ Exit promotion

Policy / Brand Team Leader

■ Commerce

Kim Kyung-hwan, Public Relations / Brand Team Publicity [Current LG Electronics]

■ Move (5 people)

Park Joon-sung Exit ESG Team Leader [Current LG Chem]

AHN, Jun-Hong,

Chapter Length of the Jean-Global Legal / Compliance (LG Plus]

Join Bin Mutual Future Investment Team Leader [Current LG Chem]

Lee Ho-young’s business support (current LG Electronics]

△ S & I Corporation

■ CEO seniority and vice president promotion

Movement Vice President CEO

■ Exit promotion

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Hwang Jun-oh

△ teeth

■ Commerce (2)

Kim Jin-hyuk

Lee Sundae

△ LG Sports

■ CEO senior

Kim Insect Vice President CEO [Current LG Management Development Institute]

△ LG Management Development Institute

■ Vice President Promotion

SEO Dong He Vice President Due to Management TFT Chapter [Current LG Display]

■ Executive Promotion

Executive Institute baegyeonghun AI

■ Senior Executive (2 persons)

Yangseongjik Business

Lee, Whey — Young Business

■ Senior Research Fellow (Managing Director) elected (two)

Gimseunghwan Senior Research Fellow

Choejeonggyu Senior Research Fellow

△ LG cultural soft rock foundation

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■ Senior Executive

Hymn Jung Lee LG Art Center for Business