Sum Age Crossfold will not be changed to release

Recently, domestic PC online shooters are increasing. Crosses in which the thumb is prepared, the Military FPS is a new work, and it is presented in the global market through steam. Especially on the 14th, the schedule came to the concern with the resolution of the user through steam.

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On the 25th, the Summer said on the 25th, I am preparing to release internally, and there is no change in the current schedule. The thumb is that it would be presented in the past this year, and he added that he would release the crows to steam, and it is still not changing the plan.

Crows is a new development of a PC shooter as a thumb-up developer company that is gathered by Back Seung-hoon, a well-known Back Sung Hewn, who is well known as a gradual attack. Open World based on reality and provide two modes that perform missions to perform missions in combat between the camps and components of the camps that are stretched by multiple users.

The game was released for the first time in September last year, and I disclosed the play video through the game’s Scots held in August this year. Since then, we entered the test from November and entered the launch of full-scale release.