Amazon Black Friday will be held from November 26 Gamer must see gaming chair and monitor Pick up featured products

AMAZON is held for 7 days from 9:00 to December 2nd (Thursday) of November 26 (Thursday) at 23:59. In this sale, products that upgrade game life to more fulfilling things such as MSI high spec gaming notebooks and Jennifer’s gaming headset are sold at bargain prices.

Also, if you enter the campaign, you will also have a point up campaign where up to 10,000 points will be returned, so let’s enter without forgetting. Well, in this article, we will introduce a gamer must-see product such as gaming monitors and chairs!

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Comfortable with compact gaming notebook PC and comfortable MSI Gaming Note PC GF65 Thin 10U

Items recommended for the gamer that you want to put a desktop gaming PC in the room or want to take a gaming PC feel free to carry the Gamer ‘GF65 Thin 10U’. This product is equipped with the latest graphics of CORE I7 processor and NVIDIA, so you can play a large popular game such as Apex Legends and Fortnite without stress.

In addition, the body designed to carry sizes with easy-to-carry size is ensured that it does not prepare a large bag with a lightness of 21.7 mm, lightness 1.86 kg and lightness. In addition, even smaller scalability that is easy to become necked after using gaming notebook PCs, this product also has four USB ports, HDMI terminals, wired LAN’s, etc. Devices you want to use It can be freely connected and play.

IPS panel graphic smoothly operation LG gaming monitor Ultrapar 24GN600-B

LG’s Ultrapar 24GN600-B also wants to enjoy the beautiful video, but I do not want to use the monitor with slow response! It is a gaming monitor that realizes such a wish. This product is compatible with wide viewing angle and color development, and the quick response speed of 1 ms is compatible, and you can smoothly manipulate the video in the beautifully reproduced game graphic.

In addition, if there is a Black Stabilizer feature that recognizes the dark and difficult part of the image, if there is a Black Stabilizer feature, a moment of the FPS, such as FPS gives a large advantage in the game where the judgment is divided. Also, the design that does not exist at all There are a lot of scenes, the game can feel the world of the game, and the game will be more fun than ever!

Jennifer GSP 301 that can be properly communicated with any situation

Gaming headset GSP 301 of Sen visor selling many audio devices. This product is a stylish design and a highly functional wired type gaming headset with high functionality that supports comfortable game environments.

Among the FPS games in which information from sounds such as enemy footsteps and sound sounds are important, High quality audio technology of this product can not hear small sounds and respond to instantly It can be demonstrated. Furthermore, even in the battlefield where various sounds are incorrect and voice marks can be heard, the cooperation with friends can be fought without interruption until the end.

Ear cups designed to fit in any head shape are equipped with a wheel-type volume adjustment, and can adjust the volume in the game with an intuitive operation that only lightly turns with your fingertips. Since the main unit color can be selected from white, black blue and three types, choose the headset of your favorite color and put it in one of your favorites!

10 cm Perspective with a long chair of long-term play TRACING gaming chair GT901

GT901 is a TRACING full-scale gaming chair designed for E-SPORTS players and professional gamers. The seating surface of this product made to maintain comfort in long games is a thickness of 10 cm thick, and can suppress the pressure applied to the body and play a sense of fatigue. In addition, backrests that support the whole body are also suppressed the deviation of the attitude in the game, and keep the body in a perfect condition.

If you want to take a break from the game where you take tense, you can relax with the ottoman and reclining that is stored under the seat, and you can relax with the feet and taste the best mood change. If you are thinking about buying a gaming chair, please check this opportunity!

Thick the 90 Hz world with a smartphone! ASUS Smartphone Before 7

Gamer is a familiar manufacturer ASUS high-spec smartphone ASUS Before 7. This machine corresponds to the gaming monitor face lose refresh rate 90Hz, response speed 1 ms, and the smartphone is easy to work with a smartphone It is possible to maintain a comfortable game environment even in battle royal-based games is.

Also, if you leverage the gameplay assistance function Game Genie installed on this unit, you can turn off the notification in the game and check the CPU utilization and frame rate. You can easily share your own play with your own play by using the screen recording and live distribution functions! Furthermore, as a monster battery that allows for a continuous call for about 30 hours of about 30 hours, you can enjoy the game without worrying about charging.

Above, we introduced five items for the gamer from amazing products for Amazon Black Friday. I hope this article is helpful to buy what this is a Black Friday sale this year! Amazon’s Black Friday is being held for 7 days from November 26 (Fri) 9:00 to December 2 (Thu) 23:59.

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