Autopsynatographic sim Autopsy Simulator with horror with Horror Start for play test participants in demo version

Autopsy Simulator - Trailer
Poland’s Indie Blooper Woodland Games has launched a recruitment of play test participants in Simulation Autopsy Simulator.

This work is a game that performs an autopsy that contains horror and mystery element.

Player is a pathologist called Jack, and performs an accuracy with the report and file of the died person. The work of death is suicide or other kill or accident, and the work to solve the case is introduced as an example of the game progress. In addition to being supervised by the actual pathologist and the practitioner, it is a sense of play that actually performs the appearance of the active work due to the realistic or scratches created in realist.

This time, recruitment of demo version players using the LATEST function of STEAM started. After logging in, you can apply for participation from the Access to the Request button on this Steam store page. After registration, an invitation email will arrive and played. In addition, according to the presentation in the past, the demo version is that the main character himself and his own apartment to live in the game, and the first appearance work is to work.

Autopsy Simulator is scheduled for PC Windows / Mac (Steam) for PC Windows / Mac (Steam), which is scheduled for Japanese language versions, is scheduled to be released within 2022.