Dragon Age screenwriter does not believe that Mass Effect series would work

A few days ago he began to circulate the rumor that EA and Amazon were already in conversations to adapt Mass Effect as a television series. At the time of writing None of the two Parties has confirmed this information, but an expepleleado of BioWare already pronounced itself and does not agree that this project is carried out.

The Ex employed in question is David Gear, who worked as a narrative designer at Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: Inquisition. According to Gear, adapt Mass Effect For TV is not a good idea for endless reasons, but one of the main ones has to do with the Customizable protagonist.

To begin with, Mass Effect and Dragon Age have a unique protagonist. That is to say that the TV series would need to choose between a man or a woman. Boom, at the entrance you are already alienating a lot of fans that were hopeful.

GAMER Continues saying that these protagonists are created so that the player has a blank sheet, with which they themselves are filled with their different decisions. This type of mechanics could not work for a passive medium as the TV is, where you should be allocated a fixed story to any character.

Finally, Gear closes this thread explaining that there are ways that the project is successful, but he would have to move away from the video games and tell a story of his own set within the universe of Mass Effect. We still do not know what EA or Amazon plans are, but it will not be an easy job.

Editor’s note: Yes, I admit that adapting video games to any other means is always a difficult task, but we have recently seen some products that have not been as bad as the Pikachu movie, the Castlemaine series or even The Witcher In Netflix. If the Mass Effect series turns out to be true, Amazon will have a very important responsibility between his hands.