Choosing the Goty is never easy and less in 1997 one year full of unforgettable videogames

Imagine a 1997, where it is up to us to crown the best video game of that year. Instead of dealing with the latest deliveries around numerous platforms, such as The Last of Us Part 2, Animal Crossing: New Horizons or Doom Eternal, I would be able to judge those video games with which we spend hours, days and even unforgettable years during our childhood.

The following year, 1998, neither was left behind in launches, and we already consulted the titles that captivated us during those 12 months. This time we will repeat the experiment, with games that we wanted to mention on that occasion, and we will give them their deserved place.

Designing DOOM Eternal's New & Classic Demons

Did you all play them all? What is your favorite? There will always be the difference of opinion, but if something is true, it is that all these mentioned games left their brand in the industry, and many players still enjoy them up to date, as if they had remained only some days. Obviously, we missed some in such a vast year, so do not hesitate to share your experience as a video gamer in 1997.