Ex Sprinter Fabian Linne of lawn on tartan and back

Speed. Countless talents were on the subway stairs to the professional Floor rejected on the grounds that they are too slow. Fabian Line kicked himself up to the U 13 at Welder Bremen — Tempo deficits but were not the reason why it will not go any further for him: Even then it stopped an injury, he also had its problems with the coach. When SG Finder we went through continue until the A-youth, but then took a physical education teacher the then 17-year-olds on the idea of ​​time to change the ground.

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A few months later Line counted then suddenly of Germany’s top sprinters at youth level, ran in his best discipline over 200 meters at U championships regularly on the podium and held several national records. His best time over half the stadium round: 21.04 seconds.

The short career of late been called: Yes, I was quite late, but I just had the prerequisites, says Line remembers talking. He first tried in the jumping events ( I was quite passable ), then moves quickly to the tartan track. In his first 100-meter race he sprints directly in under 11 seconds — and already in the year in which he starts, he ends up in the German championship of the U 18 over 200 meters in second place: For many surprising because it took me so hardly knew he laughs.

muscles hard as stone

German Championships 2019: Fabian Line (green) in the curve. Imago images / Beautiful Sports

The 21-year-old is an open person. Eloquent he talks about his career, and even if it is sometimes less enjoyable, it does not act as if there were to process anything else. After all, that is with the Athletics now over, has to do with his body. They did not make the charges more. As he travels once the European Championship, which starts on his muscles. Again and again she pulls so strong together, she was like a stone. At the European Championships, he therefore can not start, only the beginning of a long injury Series:. Finally, the muscle was damaged, was not torn, but simply broken That was not fun anymore, he says.

When he once again around toils with his body, it prohibits a renowned sports doctor in his hometown of Bremen sprinting, he has, but I left to play football, laughs Line, which was simply that claimed 100% of the muscle in the sprint is but in football only around 85%. As he takes the decision that he does not want this constant battle. Regrets he has not, Maybe I would have gotten the problem still under control, he says, but here in Bremen we have not the best conditions for it. The 21-year-old is training in his homeland, wants to make the completed well. A change in Sprint strongholds such as Frankfurt, he can not imagine.

Rather, as the all-rounder

So football again — the sport I’ve done since I can run — and you would think that his voice is a little warmer. At the very beginning he had still done both, but have let it be quick, the risk of injury in football was just too high. That it is ultimately but caught him in athletics, was perhaps a hint of his body. In any case he decides to seek a higher category club in Bremen. Since the summer of 2021 he now runs on the SG Aumund-Vegesack in Bremen fünftklassigen League. And quite successful: from 16 games seven goals listed.

Because of course a former sprinter is at home on the offensive winger, where you even get most rooms going on. Or? No, I’m more like the all-rounder, laughs Line, have already played center-back and sixes. But if it allows the staff position, it’s the storm. Yes, I’m fast, that’s my strong point, but it is another term of sprinting, the technology is very different. The short, quick bursts of speed, but I have others already ahead. It has not always 40 feet in front of him.

Usain Bolt is the best example that, so this includes much more in football.

Fabian Line

That it is not automatic if you are only high speed brings, had before him namhaftere colleagues state: Usain Bolt is the best example that in football so much more to it, laughs Line, addressed to the former fastest man in the world, the still holds the world record — and briefly tried in professional football after his career. But Line attaches great importance to pace yourself on the lawn is not everything with him. Not that there’s a false picture arises: It is no coincidence that I score goals I want to say, do I also something on the ball footballing I must not hide, even if I have suspended four years…

I would not summon that the coaches know me, says Line, addressed how the league actually sets himself. That should change so slowly — especially if he continues to show such services as last in mid-November on the 14th match day: Three goes will take him there at the crazy 5: 4 success of his SG over the SV Heeling, all in the bonus seasons from passage one (45 + 1, 45 + 3) and two (90 + 2). I did not notice all that they all have fallen in the replay time, he says laughing, and actually the real beautiful gates were once directly from the air, once placed in the short corner — only with his third and decisive, The redeeming 5: 4 victory hit, he had to do that before his conclusion, which he can best: shortly attract the pace.

ES are goals that include — whether beautiful, important, curios or just the pure quantity: a b immediately, we will miss our scorers of the month as part of the scorer cannon for all ™ action. Fabian Line does the beginning in November — if you also have someone in the eye who necessarily deserves this title: Suggestions just by mail to [email protected].