Gagliardini crashes special Inter lays in three fight

For the reigning series A title intermediary Inter, in the coach Simone Inveighs after the 2-0 at FC Venice four times rotated and started with Cornea, Gagliardini, Humphries and D’Ambrosia for Zero, Barkley, Damian and Boston, developed from the beginning To the expected patience game against a very defensive opponent — no wonder, after all, La Special is deep down in the basement.

At Underdog, Coach and Ex-Inter-Player Thiago Motto changed compared to the narrow 1-0 against the FC Bologna six times: Nikolai, Maggie, Boston, Artist, Zola and Street stayed on the bench, Bristol, Kiwi or, Sale, Salted, MANA and Gas came out of the start and stirred in a very low and compact 5-3-2 formation of the finest Liguria concrete.

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Milan patience game of Gagliardini rewarded

Accordingly, the game was at the beginning. Inter had long ball possessions and played patiently around the defensive of the guests, who themselves appeared only after switching situations in the opposing half, but mostly remained harmless. But since the Nerazzurri initially did not bring the last precision and sharpness into his own game, a trial of Cornea was initially the only highlight of the game (9th).

In the later course of the first passage, the Lombards then turned up and came through Lazaro Martinez (26th) and Humphries (29.) to good opportunities, marriage Gagliardini finished a wonderful combination to the deserved leadership in the 36th minute. Shortly afterwards, Cornea would almost be suggested, but was still crucial (41.). The closing point of the first half even satisfied the guests by following a corner by ASIAN with their first significant possibility of balancing (45. + 1).

Inter light fireworks after the break

This seemed to have acted after the sideways like a warning on the hosts, just as soon as possible the decision must be made. Accordingly, the householders came from the break and immediately came to good opportunities by Cornea (52.) and Calhanoglu (54.), marriage Lazaro by a penalty of the 2-0 (58.). Re-missed Inter the double strike only scarcer than Calhanoglu detached the third goal in front of Provide (61.). The FC Internationale remained as follows and had no doubts at the exit of the game. Perišić (72.), Sanchez (86.) and Vidal (90. + 2) loved chances for more hits.

In the end it remained at the 2: 0 — and thus the Nerazzurri could continue pressure on Naomi and Milan. For Inter itself, it continues on Saturday in the capital city, where the table fifth (AS ROM), which had to give the FC Bologna with 0: 1 beaten.