Werner before Werder debut You have to be careful

FC Erzgebirge AUE is a German football club operating in Bundesliga 2 as well as based on AUE.

Four training sessions will have just held Ole Werner with his new team to Friday night before the second library batch is kicked between the SV Welder Bremen and Erzgebirge AUE (18.30, Live! At Erzgebirge Aue). Of course, an all-too effective influence of the coach appointed since Sunday has not yet been assumed. Anyway, within such a short first week? He did not even have time to make a first impression first — and only to derive his instructions for the team. So if you ever get something from football to see, the Werner ideally predicts? You have to be careful, the 33-year-old replied on Thursday himself.

Current condition more important than new ideas

Currently, the condition in which he had taken over the team with the first training on Monday, first more important than the ideas he wants to clean. In this respect, the Welder professionals are to be picked up where they are standing: what works for them what things are known, says Werner. In addition, the new coach of course also have their own ideas I’ve tried to incorporate. The mix makes it, he explained. And I feel good.

How is Werner forming the attack?

Of course, Werner just wanted to clarify which ideas just about it. But it goes especially for spaces, which can be interesting for us, both in their own positioning, and for baller conversions. In his first Welder installation, it is likely to be interesting as he will form the Bremen attack in which Nicolas Füllskrug and Marvin Duck sch has been harmonizing as a duo for weeks. Werner, who is considered as advocate of a basic formation with a pusher, explained, despite its own conviction for such a system, but not only to be set: It will always be so that I look at a coach, which strengths have a team Who is good — that will be in the foreground.

Werner: Headings I do not care

There, on Friday, the coach itself will again and continue to stop. He is back in the limelight. The game will probably be under the headline Werner debut, says the new Welder coach, but it does not make it great crazy: I do not care about these headings. He was important to him that in Bremen, where through the resignation of Markus beginning sometimes turbulent train, now the football is again the topic — and that we find a good start, from performance and result. It’s about the first impression. And the first influence.