New World The guilds will have changes in the future according to the developers

It is not difficult to see that the guilds are not really the face of New World updates. They are almost nonexistent in the patch of notes and have not received any real improvement since the launch of the MMO. However, they deserve it fully, since the current system is flat and does not allow the guilds to continue. In the questions we could ask Scot Lane, the New World Game Director, the theme of companies burned our lips. That’s why we are asked if the companies were going to suffer changes or if the operation would follow the same. Fortunately, the answer is yes, but the disappointment reigns for the lack of details.

We have been bringing the theme of corporate banking again to the table for a long time, because it is something of what New World lacks. However, this is not the only thing that lacks the guilds; We are thinking of particular in the houses, which could act as places of meeting, far from the crowd crowds, to create an enabling environment for the meetings of wars, the distribution of resources before the war and a lot plus.

Also, from a slightly more technical point of view, it is true that the System of daily or weekly missions could rekindle the flames of the guilds in New World. Because, if you are not a guild owner of a city, it can be quite boring to have to depend on others to get ahead. That is why the establishment of company missions could make it possible to promote this business system a bit in the new world. And finally, a progression system within the company could be more than welcome.

New World is still very new, so you can arise improvements and new things without a problem in trouble. It is not known if developers will add the elements mentioned above, but it is still comforting to see that developers are aware that the NEW World guilds must have additions to fill out players. The developers seem to have much reserved for us in the MMO and the guilds are not at all excluded.

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