Ski Alpin Super g of the men in Beaver Creek now in the Liveticker

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Even today, a men’s super-G will be held in Beaver Creek. Can the ski race in the United States you pursue here in the Live Ticker.

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Alpine skiing: Super-G of the Men in Beaver Creek — The current state

Place | Name | Time

1. | / | /
2. | / | /
3rd | / | /

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Alpine skiing: Super-G of the Men in Beaver Creek NOW LIVE Scores

Rome Baumann (GER): Go, Rome Baumann is first. The German is purely up neatly, in the central part of the German retires then out though! Yesterday Rome Baumann did not get to the finish. This is bitter for him.

Before the start: Vincent Kriechmayr goes with the number five as the first Austrian team athlete in the race. He is just like yesterday’s runner-up Matthias Mayer, who bears the start number nine, take a podium in the eye. Christian Walker (16 starters), Stefan Babinski (21), Max Franz (22) and Raphael Hawser (24) follow as the next Austrians. Daniel Danklmaier (33) and Omar straining (47th) complete the eight-member Austrian team squad.

Before the start. With ten drivers is the squad of Swiss-Ski teams twice as large is Gino Cavities (4 starters) and yesterday’s winner Marco Zermatt (7th) rush as the first Swiss down the slope, Loïc Mallard who was last season fourth in the discipline standings, the start number 12 has stopped. This is followed by downhill specialist Beat Feud (19), Urs Kryenbühl (25) and Justin Purifier (26). Other Swiss starters are Ralph Weber (34th), Stefan Progestin (35th), Niels Hinterland (41) and Thomas Tumbler (46th).

Before the start: Like yesterday go today five DSV athletes at the start. Rome Baumann opened the race with start number one. Andreas Sander follows the eleventh driver Josef First wearing the jersey with the number 27 Simon Ocher is 38th in the series, Dominik Schweitzer makes than 52 riders from the German perspective, the conclusion. In yesterday’s race (28th place) drove with Andreas Sander (4th place) and Simon Ocher two DSV-runners among the top 30th

Before the start: Marco Zermatt won yesterday’s first super-G of the World Cup season 2021/2022. The Swiss won clearly ahead of Austrian Matthias Mayer (+0.78 seconds) and the Canadian Broderick Thompson (+0.95). The three drivers are also now candidates for the victory. The same applies to the German Andreas Sander and the Austrian Vincent Kriechmayr who missed the podium by only three and seven hundredths yesterday. Also, Alexis Pinault, the winner of the Super-G discipline vote last winter, is eligible for a top placing in question.

Before the start: at 18.45 German time the Speed ​​competition in Colorado (USA) starts.

Before the start: Welcome to the second Super-G of the Men in Beaver Creek.

Ski Alpine: Super G Gentleman in Beaver Creek today on TV and Livestream

In Eurosport 2 You can follow live the race in Beaver Creek. Because of the cooperation between Eurosport and DAZN, the Eurosport 1 and 2 Eurosport unlock on the platform of DAZN, even DAZN -Under can watch the Super-G.

The DAZN subscription cost either €14.99 per month or 149.99 euros per year.

While not on TV, but for streaming LIVE the ARD offers the men’s race. This is your free before at sportsman.DE.

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Ski Alpine: The current state of the Gentlemen World Cup

Place | Name | Points

1. | Marco Matt | 250
2. | Matthias Mayer | 180
3rd | Vincent Grammar | 125
4. | Christian Hirschbühl | 100
5. | Gino Cavities | 87
6. | An Range | 86
7. | Alexis Pinault | 85
8. | Beat Feud | 82
9. | Roland Latiner | 80
9. | Dominik Rancher | 80