All characters from Arcane in the ranking from unpopular to popular

In a survey we wanted to know from Mango which characters particularly like you have arcane. We analyzed the survey and created a ranking of the most popular characters in the series.

That’s why it went: Arcane is the new Netflix series to the universe of League of Legends. The series started in November and generated a lot of hype. Also, with us on Mango has been much discussed, especially about the end of the first season.

In a survey you could choose which character you most like to have. Overall, you had three voices, could you distribute it to 22 characters or another character option. To evaluation 1,246 readers took part in the survey and distributed a total of 3,191 votes.

We now introduce you to the ranking.

Places 23-11

Ximena — 0 votes (0%)
Palette — 1 vote (0%)
Benz — 2 votes (0%)
Clangor — 3 votes (0%)
Mrs. Kirkman — 3 votes (0%)
Marcus — 5 votes (0%)
Another character — 5 votes (0%)
Grayson — 5 votes (0%)
Sky — 6 votes (0%)
Milo — 7 votes (0%)
Finn — 8 votes (0%)
Via — 14 votes (0%)
Singed — 59 votes (1.85%)

Place 10 — Mel Madeira

Number of votes: 63 (1.97%)

This is Mel Madeira: Mel Madeira is Councilor Plover and the richest woman in the city. The Madeiras are a known family from Nexus, but Mel was expelled from this and sent Plover to watch them there to build or to fail.

In the series it is very cold, especially at the beginning and manipulative. They ridiculed another council member with a gift for children, without, however, obvious to do, and also controls Jayce. Between both a romance have expected in many therefore, evolves over the season that Mel wants to use to their advantage just this.

Throughout the first season, however, we learn where the cold comes. Her mother was a brutal wife and did not hesitate to use violence to enforce their plans.

This conflict and the change, by making the Mel during the series seems to have arrived with you so well that it has, after all, enough for place 10th

Place 9 — Jayce

Number of votes: 71 (2.23%)

This is Jayce: Jayce is a tinkerer, who was enrolled as a student at the Academy in Plover. As a child, he and his mother were caught in a snowstorm and threatened to freeze. However, they were rescued at the last moment by a magician. Who gave Jayce a magic crystal.

At this, he conducted research around for many years. But when the gang around plummeted by Vi in his apartment and there was an explosion, he was expelled from the Academy. Shortly before his final exile from Plover it but managed to bring the Hex tech crystal control him with Viktor. That earned him even a seat in the Council of Plover.

His rapid rise owed it both to the theft of a crystal by Jinx, and Mel Madeiras use. During the series, he tried to fight corruption in Plover, but failed.

That’s why he met shortly before the grand finale with Silo to negotiate an agreement. Faun should get its independence. The final vote, however rudely interrupted.

Place 8 — Wander

Number of votes: 167 (5.23%)

This is Wander: Wander is the mentor of Vi and Jinx. He led a rebellion once Faun against Plover with Silo. In this rebellion, the parents of Vi and Jinx were killed. After that, he felt responsible for them.

Wander series was initially something like the leader in the underground of Faun. People respect him. However, he has suffered so much himself that he has now become older and embittered. He would not risk another conflict between the regions, so that it has reached an agreement with Grayson, the leader of the guards of Plover.

In Episode 3, however, he was attacked by Silo and kidnapped. In an attempt to free the gang around Vi Wander was thrown into a pile of Shimmer and turned into some kind of monster. It is speculated that it is transformed by Singed in Warwick.

No. 7 — Harbinger

Number of votes: 198 (6.20%)

This is Harbinger: Cecil B. Harbinger is a morale, one of the little creatures, but they are very common in the LoL universe. He is considered a brilliant genius and excellent scientist.

As head of the Academy, he trains young inventors and was part of the Council of Plover. He got the inventions of Jayce opposite always critical, because he has seen for themselves what destructive power they had in the Rune Wars.

In the sixth episode, he was excluded from the Council because he should hinder progress. Then he strips through the streets of Hash and states with surprise what great tapers hide in the city. Place 6 — Echo Number of votes: 295 (9.24%) That’s Echo: Echo is a wondering of the harsh streets of Shaun. Even before he could crawl, Echo should have assembled simple machines. In the series he worked as a child in the tinker shop of Benz, a close friend of Wander. Echo Give the ties around VI and Jinx the tip that you can make fat booty in a scientist in Plover. But this tip was a disaster. After Wander Died and VI and Jinx disappeared, he founded a secure shelter for children and teenagers in Hash. He also founded the Firefights, who had prescribed the fight against the shimmer.