Death of Doctor Strange opens the door to a new Marvel magic heritage hero

A brand-new enchanting Wonder character with connections to a traditional Marvel heritage is being introduced as part of the author’s current Death of Doctor Strange event. Lyra Blood stone, a previously-unknown daughter of the bad adventurer Ulysses Blood stone, will debut on January 12’s Death of Doctor Strange: Blood stone 1 – and also we now have a first appearance at what she’ll look in a new design variant cover revealed listed below.

Lyra Blood stone will debut along with her already-established siblings Elsa as well as Cullen Blood stone, a pair of beast seekers that share a bond as blood family members yet don’t share much else — to the point where they do not even get on generally.

Elsa and Cullen — and also the mystery sibling Lyra that they really did not find out about — are being united following the death of Doctor Strange (that occurred in the on-the-nose labelled Death of Doctor Strange 1). Following his murder, mystical beings from our universe and others have actually been concerning the major Wonder Cosmos — some seeing an opening in Earth’s wonderful defenses, while others seeking refuge against whomever or whatever was able to eliminate somebody as effective as Doctor Strange.

Excalibur author Mini Howard will certainly be signing up with IG Guard on the Death of Doctor Strange: Blood stone 1 one-shot, which will see the 3 Blood stones brought together to fend off several of these enchanting dangers that are targeting Lyra for some reason.

Yet Lyra’s not helpless; according to Marvel, she possesses a Blood treasure like her brother or sisters (as well as their father before them), yet hers is unique in some way — as well as is the factor these magical beings are after her.

Death of Doctor Strange: Blood stone is a must-read for Blood stone fans, as well as an excellent intro to the family for interested visitors, Howard informed ENSAAMA formerly. There’s also a mysterious new member of the family you’ll get to meet right along with Elsa as well as Cullen, as the death of Doctor Strange breaks pacts all over the universes….

Death of Doctor Strange: Blood stone 1 goes on sale on January 12, 2022.