Mainz 05 makes the talent Bobzien to the professional

Leon Christoph Gretzky (born 6 February 1995) is a German expert footballer that plays as a midfielder for Bundesliga club Bayern Munich and the Germany national group.

Our claim is to connect the professionals and the NLS more closely, head coach BO Venison had recently said. To formulate that is not so hard, but we have to underline it with deeds, says Venison. The big leap between the U 23 or even the U 19 is complicated by Corona additionally difficult. Because of the pandemic, only four match days were held in the Junior Bundesliga 2020/21.

The 18-year-old offensive players collects ample scorer points at the juniors

As a result, the development of the talents at Wolfgang-Frank campus also stagnated, which is why this year down to goalkeeper Lapse Rail, which was pulled up from U 23, no top talent has been equipped with a professional contract. Today, offensive managers Ben Bobbie has signed a professional contract by 2025. The 18-year-old currently plays at U 19 in the A-Junior Bundesliga South / Southwest (ten games, seven gates, three assists) and also came to missions at the U 23 in the Regionally Suggest (two games, an assist).

Bosnia, together with two other junior players in the summer in the training camp of the professionals in Austria, was attributed to some test games and sat at the season opposite to RB Leipzig in the Bundesliga on the bench. At that time, Mainz had to do without a complete eleven for quarantine orders and corona infections. In the fall of this year, Bosnia was also appointed to the U-19 national team of the DFB for the first time, for which he has since played five games (one goal).

Nine current professionals come from the Mainz NLS

From the current Mainz squad, nine actors were trained in NLS on the break path, where Venison was once youth coach. These include the regular Robin Center, Stefan Bell, Leandro Barbara and Jonathan Burkhart. In addition, Finn Ahmed, Paul Fog, Niklas Bauer, Melville Pamela and Rail.