The boss of Final Fantasy XIV explains why errors occur all nerves

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To start the new extension End walker from Final Fantasy XIV have the users to fight with several mistakes and problems. Now the boss of Final Fantasy XIV explains why it’s all about the problems.

That’s why it’s time: Since December 3, the pre-order of Final Fantasy XIV: End walker already look into the latest extension. But already now there are several problems that users have to fight.

Most errors are annoying connection breakdowns, so you will be thrown in the queue from the server and the whole warning will start again from the beginning.

Now Naomi Yeshiva, Producer & Director of Final Fantasy XIV, has worded and explained how to solve the problems (via finalansyxiv.com)

Final Fantasy XIV: Error 4004, 3001 and 2002 make players crazy

These errors are: Currently there are three annoying mistakes that occupy the players and do not leave them into the game.

Error 4004 Embarks especially when the servers are overloaded and the queue leads to an error.
Error 3001 always appears when server players allowed themselves to log in about the maximum upper limit for players.
If the total number of waiting players exceeds 17,000 in the data center, the 2002 error is displayed.

The problems should be solved: Yeshiva explained in his post that you want to get the problems in the coming days. There should be maintenance work on the login servers on 8 December. You would like to worry about the following problems:

For the error 4004 you have corrected the source code for the lobby servers, but that requires more time as it is a complex process. Here it will take a while until the error is corrected.
To minimize the error 3001, you increase the number of network connections to a maximum.
To reduce the error 2002, you increase the maximum number of players on a data center from 17,000 to 21,000 players.

Hardware scarcity prevents the construction of new servers

At the current time (stand. 7.12.2021), Final Fantasy XIV has as many players as never before. With over 90,000 simultaneous players, Final Fantasy has broken a new player the best value on Steam.

The simplest solution would now be to set up new servers to have room for the many new players. But here Yeshiva already explained that this is currently not so easy. Because to build new servers, the team would need new servers — and need semiconductors.

However, through the Corona Pandemic, the semiconductors are severely limited so that the team does not get new hardware for servers. And the team can not estimate how long this scarcity will continue.

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