Xbox gifts for the players in your life

With a fantastic library of games and developers like Arcane, Bethesda and 343 Industries in his stable the Xbox from Microsoft is one of the best games consoles on the market. Sea of ​​Thieve to Halo Infinite has managed to create some really phenomenal experiences for players. Since the holiday season is now just around the corner, many will buy from us our celebratory gifts — and if you’re looking for gifts for Xbox players, we have some recommendations for you.

Of course, every player is a little different and each has its own unique taste and its own interests. There are universal ideas like Game Pass and Xbox Live subscriptions that virtually every Xbox owners to address, but we also have some links to the most popular games from Microsoft and a few nifty Xbox accessories included.

Although you no actual Xbox games are found on this list, you should our guide view to the best Xbox Series X-games to be inspired a little if you want to buy someone a new addition to its Xbox library.

Anyway, our selection of the best Xbox Gifts are as follows:

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Stories from the Sea of ​​Thieves

Sea of ​​Thieves is probably the most successful game developers, the Rare has long been developed. A part of what makes this pirate MMO, so popular is the fact that his world with little traditions, what you can find in the game behind all that was designed beautifully. If you are looking player Thieves for a gift for a Sea of, Tales from the Sea of ​​Thieves could be a good choice: It is packed full of sketches, stories, history and more, making it a wonderful compendium of information for all makes, spends the hours with the idea of ​​the pirate life is for them.

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Racer Kraken Tournament Edition gaming headset

The right gaming headset can make the game experience for everyone really improve and if you know an Xbox fan who either do not have or do with a less impressive model, this could be a fantastic addition to its gaming setup. Racer is known for its popular gaming peripherals and the Racer Kraken Tournament Edition headset is no exception. With THX 7.1 surround sound and cooling gel-infused cushion for all-day comfort, it is ideal to provide hours a fantastic sound quality.

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Xbox Live membership

If you know someone who Xbox without Xbox Live membership plays, he missed something. Monthly free games that can keep even after the expiry of their membership, to a huge list of online features in popular games an Xbox Live membership really that always passes on the gift.

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Game Pass membership

From a Microsoft subscription service to another is Xbox Game Pass as the next level of Xbox Live. The Game Pass gives you instant access to a huge game library and offers players the chance to try out the games in which they have always been curious, and helps them discover new favorites. From some of the best strategy games on the console to some of the best horror games, there is a varied selection of titles to try out.

Xbox gift card

To get an exciting new game on Christmas Day, is for many players an exciting experience, but equally rewarding the possibility may be to browse on Christmas Day at the Microsoft Store, and download anything you want (especially if you have a gift for a new player and want you cool dad / aunt / grandparent earn points). With an Xbox gift card, you can not go wrong, because no matter whether you add a new game to their library, try LCS or want to spend it all with in-game skins and weapons, each Xbox fan is something to have some use for it.

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Xbox Elite Series 2 controllers

Do you know of an Xbox fan who many competitive FPS games like Apex Legends and Call of Duty War zone plays? If so, they could come from their Xbox controller class benefit. Although the Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller is a slightly more expensive gift, he is one of the best official Xbox controller on the market. With interchangeable Thumb stick- and paddle shapes and a huge list of customization and Neukonfigurationsoptionen players can customize their controllers so that he is comfortable in their very own way of playing.

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Halo Funk Pops

Hallo is from the beginning of Xbox and its enormous success means that the Halo series, if you think of Xbox games, is one of the first one that comes to mind. Hallo has become an integral part of the popular culture and was immortalized by Funk, whose line of Halo Funk Pops Master Chief comprises the arbiter and other iconic characters. Since Halo Infinite is published with great excitement and recognition, one of these characters could be the perfect complement for a game room shelf or a desk.

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Xbox logo light

If you know a die-made Xbox fan, who prefer to drink half a liter drain water than touch a PlayStation or PC, this Xbox light will announce its loyalty loud and proud. It has the shape of the Xbox logo and can be mounted on the wall or placed on a desk surface to give your set up an atmospheric glow.

If you are looking for other gifts for gamers, take a look at our League of Legends gift guide to get more inspirations.