Sharp words from Red Bull towards Mercedes Unworthy

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It is unworthy of a World Cup final that the decision is delayed so beyond. But that speaks for the mind of one, I would say unworthy losers, if you have such objections and protests, said the Austrian on Sunday evening after the big price of Abu Dhabi and the World Cup triumph of Red Bull Pilot Max. It was disgusting a protest, in which he was clear that he would not work, Marko was.

He herself threatened this season even with some occasions even with protests of Red Bull and not rarely tried to pie for more restlessness in the already charged title fight between stages and Lewis Hamilton as well as Red Bull and Mercedes. Now after a controversial decision of the race on the finals in the Final in the United Arab Emirates, he expected the rival again, who had won all titles since 2014.

It should be speculated, as Marko and Red Bull had reacted when stages would have been the sufferer and not the profiteer of the decision of the race line, through the stages on the last round after a safety car phase the possibility for the title-shaping attack against Hamilton had got.

From Mercedes, there were in addition to the protest and the notification after his rejection of having a note for an appeal, no further reactions.

The race report and all results can be found here…