The best locations already Loot at World s Edge in Apex Legends

The time-limited event Apex Legends Dena Loot, arrived. In it, all the loot remains the same on the map, but the route of the ship and the circles are changing daily. Until reset, they are also the same. Where can you find some of the best locations on the map for your team to acquire the best equipment?

Best loot locations Dena Loot

All locations on the map will not be identical. Some of these sites have an incredibly better equipment, while others have only common rooms, or a handful of blue items of level two. We concentrate on locations with the best loot you want to achieve in every game in Dena Loot.

The epicenter

Here, you have the chance to find a golden shield here, which is ideal for capturing in any game you play with any character to any member of the group. There are plenty of other equipment for an entire festival to seize everything you need to prepare yourself to play a solid game. You should also have plenty of options to go for the rest of the game.


Take your time here, as this is normally a popular place to explore. If you are going to investigate the station to the north, and you end soon enough, someone in your team can catch the hidden golden armor there to the north. You do not want to spend too much time here because of the popularity, but if you can prove your win against other squads, feel free to reap the benefits for all the available loot.

Mirage Travel

On the west side of the map, Mirage Travel is a great place. It’s semi-popular, but depending on the direction of the drop-ship, you may be able to prevent a lot of people do fall over. You can locate a safe key in this location, giving you access to a golden shield. Moreover, it is possible to find purple shields in buildings northwest.

Court Train

For those who want a higher risk for their gameplay Dena Loot Train Yard offers an excellent opportunity for you to test your mettle against others. You can find a handful of useful weapons, ammunition and many in the south, a golden armor is available. You can explore the caves to find him, and there are a handful of small tanks that await you. Would you like to go to the Harvester, and instead, go to the drilling site or fragment West?

sorting plant

Closer to the southern part of the map is the sorting plant. You want to focus on entry into the large building, where you can find two pieces of purple armor that your team can acquire. Like the Mirage Travel, it is a place very popular, so you need to enter the building as quickly as possible to take what you can to fight the enemy squadrons landing near you. If you survive, you can take the north and plunder other places nearby. As the flight path adapts over time, the popularity of this place will fluctuate.

You want to grab what you can at each location, including the new Eve Shields, to increase your chances of surviving with your team.