Post illustration of NIER AUTOMATA 2B Mr Yoko is also Great Thank you

Square Enix’s masterpiece RPG TIER: AUTOMATA. Illustrator and Kabuki Hirohito published the illustration of 2B that appears in this work.

He is a prominent illustrator known for Border Break and Zeno blade. This 2B is an individual, but it has already been a lot of good and retweet.

The illustration theme is winter, as you can see from ice crystal mark attached to posting and 2B that is cold. According to Mr. Mazama, Some 2B, I feel that winter looks very good…!.

This illustration also responds to the production team of TIER: Automata. Mr. Yoko Taro is Wan’t wait? Wait? 2b? Good 2b… Thank you !!, Mr. Yoke Saith sends comments.

Also, an illustration of 9S is newly posted. Attractive books, also a response such as cute…! And handsome 9s…! Don’t miss this.