The Settlers is still underway and from Ubisoft they promise news about the reboot very soon

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The new The Settlers is one of those many cases in the video game industry announced at the time of which, over the years, nothing more was known. Presented at the Games Com 2018, the video game was again a year after confirming it’s premiere by 2020. Now, about to end the 2021, Ubisoft reaffirms the existence of the project guaranteeing news for a short.

The Settlers returns! Get news about The Settlers in January 2022. Register now to have the opportunity to play, Ubisoft advances on his official website. The description of the project does not say much more, proposing the interested parties to live reinterpretation of the legendary strategy game in real time with new features and incredible graphics, all that one can expect from a reboot.

The project continues to be commissioned Ubisoft Blue Byte, specifically the study of Ubisoft Düsseldorf of the German subsidiary, so it is expected that there are not many changes in front of the promises presented three years ago, which includes the use of Snowdrop as a graphic engine of the strategy adventure. However, we will have to wait until January to learn more about your proposal and its launch.

The Settlers are one of the most veteran franchises of the Ubisoft portfolio, with a first installment that goes back to 1994. Since then there have been several more premieres in the series, but nothing of weight for several years. Now it returns, as Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell will soon be done through a remake of the classic action and infiltration. This, like The Settlers, will bet on the use of Snowdrop Engine.