LOL 12 seconds from Minion Block the record of the century would make you break the table

What could have done this In Zhao to deserve such hatred on the part of these subjects? He provoked the gods of League of Legends in some way? Or did he manage to find the pixel prohibit the one who should not click? Or maybe it’s that the Hatbox of him has become entangled with that of the wall, a bit like when we hung a wool sweater into a nail standing?

So many unanswered questions, and worst of all, do not change the result. Before our eyes we have one of the most powerful minion blocks of the story of League of Legends Only three Shutters were needed Suspiciously determined to grab for the breast (and a little LAG) to a poor Jungle, opening like this The door to a frankly undeserved Yankee.

However, before such a situation, probably caused by the spaghetti code of our favorite mob, one wonders if this Malachite and this ZAC in the end showed compassion and not greed. After all, everything seems that poor In Zhao could not have gone without that death.

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Actually, and although everything can give the impression that this situation is a mistake, this situation is an error caused by a LOL feature sought to conscience. The rinsing should block the champions, since otherwise a part of the game will collapse: the Ghost invoked spell It would no longer be useful, not even the ghost dancer. Although we understand this, sometimes it is difficult to understand the accurate evolution of events, and especially in this specific situation where the game code caused a worse remedy than the disease.

Because, although it is good that the subjects block champions, it seems deeply unfair that are given situations in which they leave you completely sold in front of your rivals.

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